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Q NO 1.Which material is used in making of Computer Chips?

A: Copper

B: Steel

C: Fiber Glass

D: Silicon

Q NO 2. “Add New Hardware” option exists in:

A: Title bar

B: Status bar

C: Control Panel

D: Taskbar

Q NO 3. What does RAM in a computer stand for?

A: Read and Memorize

B: Random Access Memory

C: Random Access Module

D: Random Access Modem

Q NO 4. ATM is abbreviation of:

A: Automatic Transistor Model

B: Auto Transfer Mode

C: Automated Teller Method

D: Automated Teller Machine

Q NO 5. HP is a famous brand of computer equipment. What does HP stand for?

A: High Performance

B: Hewlett-Packer

C: Harold Packard

D: Hewlett-Packard

Q NO 6. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a:

A: Mainframe

B: Super Computer

C: Network

D: Client

Q NO 7. A Hyperlink is:

A: A word phrase that, when clicked, displays another document

B: A scripting language

C: A World Wide Web gateway

D: A system that employs multimedia

Q NO 8. Which of the following is not an operating system?


B: Linux

C: Windows

D: Oracle

Q NO 9.Which is odd one out in: 14, 28, 49, 65, 35, 21,

A: 28

B: 35

C: 14

D: 65

Q NO 10. Complete the series 5, 9, 17, 33, ____

A: 74

B: 72

C: 65

D: 60

Q NO 11. If 7 Spiders make 7 webs in 7 days, in how many days will one spider take to make one web?

A: 7

B: 9

C: 10

D: 12

Q NO 12. A father is twice as old as his son. 20 yearsago the age of the father was 12 times the age of the son. The present age of the fatheris:

A: 44 years

B: 32 years

C: 22 years

D: 50 years

Q NO 13. In a class of 20 boys and 28 girls what percentof the class are girls?

A: 41.7%

B: 48%

C: 58.3%

D: 70%

Q NO 14. If the price of 12 eggs is Rs. 96, how manyeggs can be bought with Rs. 80?

A: 8

B: 9

C: 10

D: 11

Q NO 15. If a = 1/3, b = 4, C = -1 and d = -5 then whatwill 2[3a – (b + C) — 4D] equal to?

A: 26

B: 30

C: 36

D: 40

Q NO 16. Simplify: 280 + (- 120)-(-320) + 50 =?

A: 510

B: 530

C: 630

D: 570

Q NO 17. Choose the correct option: I have engagedhim to act as my

A: Council

B: Councel

C: Counsel

D: Consul

Q NO 18. Identify the meaning of the foreign phrasecommonly used in English Language:


A: Best work of an artist

B: In great numbers

C: Together

D: None of these

Q NO 19. Complete the Proverb: “Even____ sometimes nodes.”

A: Milton

B: Shakespeare

C: Pope

D: Homer

Q NO 20. Use the correct Preposition to fill the blank:

“He reached Lahore ___ bus.

A: From

B: With

C: By

D: On

Q NO 21. Identify the meaning of the underlined phrase in the following sentence: He turned a deaf ear to my advice.

A: Did not listen

B: Did not accept

C: Did not use

D: Did not like

Q NO 22. Synonym of “Proliferate” is:

A: Simplify

B: Multiply

C: Glorify

D: Dignify

Q NO 23. Choose the correct Synonym: Inane

A: Reasonable

B: Consequential

C: Substantial

D: Absurd

Q NO 24. Fill in the correct preposition: “She had promised to be back ____ five ‘o’ clock.”

A: on

B: by

C: of

D: None of these

Q NO 25. Fill in the blank. A wise man profits _____ his experience.

A: in

B: on

C: by

D: with

Q NO 26. Exquisite means:

A: Of great beauty

B: Strange

C: Exclusive

D: Enjoyable

Q NO 27. The term PVC is widely used in plastics industry. PVC stands for:

A: Polyvinyl Chloride

B: Polyvinyl Carbonate

C: Phosphoric Vanadium Chloride

D: Penta vinyl Chloride

Q NO 28. Which of the following is not rich in protein?

A: Potatoes

B: Meat

C: Fish

D: Eggs

Q NO 29. Normal sunlight when passed through a prism, breaks into how many colours?

A: 5

B: 6

C: 8

D: 7

Q NO 30. Leukemia is a disease of the:

A: Lungs

B: Blood

C: Liver

D: Brain

Q NO 31. Which one of the following visible colours has the longest wavelength?

A: Yellow

B: Blue

C: Red

D: Green

Q NO 32. Light travels in vacuum at the speed of:

A: 146000 miles per second

B: 176000 miles per second

C: 186282 miles per second

D: 196000 miles per second

Q NO 33. Night blindness is caused by the lack of whichvitamin?

A: Vitamin A

B: Vitamin B

C: Vitamin D

D: Vitamin E

Q NO 34. River Amazon is an important river of:

A: North America

B: South America

C: Europe

D: Africa

Q NO 35. Tower of Pisa is situated in:

A: France

B: Germany


D: Italy

Q NO 36. ‘Chauburji’ in Lahore was built by:

A: Aurangzaib Alamgir

B: Shah Jahan

C: Princes Zeb-un-Nisa

D: Noor Jahan

Q NO 37. Clifton is a famous beach of Pakistan which islocated near:

A: Karachi

B: Mumbai

C: Dhaka

D: Colombo

Q NO 38. Which of the following countries is below theSea level?

A: Finland

B: Belgium

C: Iceland

D: Netherlands

Q NO 39. Abraham Lincoln was a 16th president of:



C: France

D: Italy

Q NO 40. Saddam Hussain was a president of:

A: Iran

B: Oman

C: Iraq

D: Italy

Q NO 41. Ethnically Sher Shah Suri was a:

A: Pashtun

B: Tajik

C: Turkman

D: Uzbek

Q NO 42. The famous Notre Dame Cathedral is located in:

A: Paris

B: Rome

C: Milan

D: London

Q NO 43. Which of the following was a great centre of education during the Abbasid Caliphate?

A: Ankara

B: Basra

C: Baghdad

D: Damascus

Q NO 44. The first Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan was established at _____.

A: Mianwali

B: Islamabad

C: Karachi

D: Peshawar

Q NO 45. Pontius Pilate is an important person in the history of Christianity. Who was Pontius Pilate?

A: Person who betrayed Jesus Christ

B: Person who sentenced Jesus Christ

C: Roman Prefect of Judea

D: Both B and C

Q NO 46. Who was the first Non-Muslim Test Cricketer of Pakistan?

A: Wallis Mathias

B: Duncan Sharpe

C: Antao D’Souza

D: Anil Dalpat

Q NO 47. Name the religion which believes in the doctrine of Trinity?

A: Christianity

B: Judaism

C: Zoroastrianism

D: Hinduism

Q NO 48. Who according to the Christianity betrayed Jesus Christ?

A: Bamabas

B: Jacob

C: Judas Iscariot

D: None of these

Q NO 49. In the epic Ramayana, which bird tried to prevent Ravana from carrying Sita away?

A: Vibhishana

B: Jatayu

C: Garuda

D: Bhubnga

Q NO 50. Buddha was primarily interested in elimination of:

A: Caste System

B: Discrimination

C: Idolatory

D: Suffering

Q NO 51. What is the name of Shiva’s consort (wife) in Hindu mythology?

A: Lakshmi

B: Sita

C: Parvati

D: Mitra

Q NO 52. In Judaism an ordained teacher is a:

A: Rabbi

B: Priest

C: Prophet

D: Scribe

Q NO 53. The famous novel “Frankenstein” was written by:

A: Edgar Allan Poe

B: H.G Wells

C: Ian Flemming

D: Mary Shelley

Q NO 54. Who is the author of the book “War and Peace”?

A: Karl Marx

B: Rousseau

C: Charles Dickens

D: Leo Tolstoy

Q NO 55. Which state of USA Barack Obama comes from?

A: New York

B: California

C: Illinois

D: Florida

Q NO 56. The book “Friends Not Masters”, was written by:

A: Qudratullah Shahab

B: Ayub Khan

C: Dr. Parvez Iqbal Cheema

D: Manzur Qadir

Q NO 57. Who was the founder of the Slave Dynasty in India?

A: Mahmoud Ghaznavi

B: Sher Shah Suri

C: Qutub-ud-Din Aibak

D: Ibrahim Lodhi

Q NO 58. “Qissa Sohni Mahiwal” was written by?

A: Waris Shah

B: Mian Muhammad Baksh

C: Fazal Shah

D: Shah Hussain

Q NO 59. The major language of Egypt is:

A: English

B: Arabic

C: Spanish

D: French

Q NO 60. Govt. of Pakistan named its Islamabad as its new Capital on:

A: Feb 24, 1960

C: Feb 24, 1951

B: Feb 24, 1959

D: Feb 24, 1958

Q NO 61. Beijing is the new name of

A: Hiroshima

C: Peking

B: Yokohama

D: Seoul

Q NO 62. When was the famous Faisal Mosque of Islamabad completed?

A: 1976

C: 1986

B: 1980

D: 1982

Q NO 63. Which of the following Princely States was the first to formally accede to Pakistan?

A: Khairpur

C: Chitral

B: Bahawalpur

D: Swat

Q NO 64. Article 6 of the 1973 Constitution deals with:

A: Impeachment of President

B: Fundamental Rights

C: High Treason

D: None of these

Q NO 65. Name the author of the book titled “A Case of Exploding Mangoes”

A: Saadat Hasan Manto

B: Ayesha Jalal

C: Muhammad Hanif

D: Benazir Bhutto

Q NO 66. The National Action Plan, announced on December 2014, contains ____ point pan to counter terrorism.

A: 15

B: 20

C: 25

D: 28

Q NO 67. The famous Moti Masjid built in 1635 is located in:

A: Lahore

B: Multan

C: Thatta

D: Bhera

Q NO 68. The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan was enforced on:

A: 1st Jan, 1973

B: 23 March 1937

C: 16 April 1973

D: 14 August 1973

Q NO 69. Common type of family system in Pakistan is:

A: Nuclear family

B: Marti local

C: Joint family

D: None of these

Q NO 70. The famous book “The Idea of Pakistan” iswritten by:

A: Stephen Cohen

B: Stanly Wolpert

C: Christina Lamb

D: Alastair Lamb

Q NO 71. Of the following ranks of the Pakistan Army which is most senior?

A: Brigadier

B: General

C: Lieutenant General

D: Major General

Q NO 72. All India Muslim League was formulated in:

A: 1806

B: 1906

C: 1706

D: 1606

Q NO 73. Which Mughal King made Lahore his capital for 14 years?

A: Shah Jehan

B: Akbar

C: Aurangzeb

D: Bahadur Shah Zafar

Q NO 74. In his Allahabad address Allama Iqbal suggested creation in India of a separate Muslim State in:

A: South-East India

B: South-West India

C: North-West India

D: North-East India

Q NO 75. Who introduced the Doctrine of Lapse in British India?

A: Dalhousie

B: Ellenborough

C: Auckland

D: Canning

Q NO 76. The acceptance of separate electorate gavestrength to the theory which become the basisof the Muslim freedom struggle?

A: One Nation Theory

B: Two Nation Theory

C: Three Nation Theory

D: Four Nation Theory

Q NO 77. Which Cricket player has scored the most runs in a single innings in a Test Match?

A: Hanif Muhammad

B: Sachin Tendulkar

C: Matthew Hayden

D: Brian Lara

Q NO 78. Cricket team of which country is called “Proteas”?

A: Australia

B: New Zealand

C: South Africa 

D: Ireland

Q NO 79. Usain Bolt became the only athlete ever to win 3 Gold Medals in 100 meters race in Olympics games. To which country does he belong?

A: Jamaica

B: Barbados

C: Cuba


Q NO 80. “Andre Agassi” was a famous player of:

A: Tennis

B: Badminton

C: Football

D: Cricket

Q NO 81. Since they began how many Olympic Games have been held in Africa?

A: 1

B: 2

C: 4

D: 0

Q NO 82. In June 2014, King Juan Carlos I abdicated in favour of his son Felipe VI. To which country did King Juan Carlos belong?

A: Spain

B: Belgium

C: The Netherlands

D: Monaco

Q NO 83. In March 2018 during his Middle East tour Prince Charles took part in a dance, known as:

A: Belly dance

B: Saudi sword dance

C: Tanoura dance

D: Morris dance

Q NO 84. Gestapo was the Secret Police of:

A: U.S.A

B: Russia

C: Germany

D: Japan

Q NO 85. North Korean all six nuclear weapons tests were made on:

A: Mount Mantapsan

B: Kuwolsan

C: Mount Kumgang

D: Paektu Mountain

Q NO 86. The Headquarters of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is located in:

A: Paris

B: Washington

C: Brussels

D: Geneva

Q NO 87. Babri Mosque which was demolished by Hindu extremists is situated in the province state of:

A: Maharashtra

B: Uttar Pardesh

C: Madhya Pardesh

D: Andra Pardesh

Q NO 88. In the beginning unrest in Syria grew out of discontent with the Assad government was a part of:

A: Russian Air Attack

B: Iranian Involvement

C: Arab Spring Wave

D: Fathullah Golen’s movement

Q NO 89. The current president of France is:

A: Theresa May

B: Malcolm Turbull

C: Emmanuel Macron

D: Justin Trudea

Q NO 90. The Treaty of Versailles ended the:

A: World War I

B: World War II

C: French Revolution

D: None of these

91.فتح کا مترادف ہے۔

(A) ظفر

(B) شکست

(c) سرور

(D) اقبال

92. کتاب ’’طوطا کہانی،، کس کی تصنیف ہے؟

(A) حیدر بخش حیدری

(B) سعادت حسن منٹو

(c) سجاد حسین منشی

(0) شیخ عبد القادر

93. علامہ اقبال کا پہلا اردو شعری مجموعہ کونسا ہے؟

(A) بانگ درا

(B) بال جبریل 

(c) ارمغان حجاز

(D) جاوید نامہ

94. مشہور ٹی وی ڈرامہ اندھیر اجالا کس ادیب کا ہے؟ .

(A) یونس جاوید

(B) حسینہ معین 

(c) احمد یوسف

(D) امجد اسلام امجد

95. اردو شاعری میں تعلی سے کیا مراد ہے؟

(A) شاعر کا اپنے حق میں مبالغہ کرنا

(B) اپنے محبوب کے بارے میں مبالغہ سے کام لینا 

(C) انکساری سے کام لینا 

(D) جان بوجھ کر انجان بنا

96. اردو افسانہ گڈریا، کس کی تخلیق ہے؟

(A)پریم چند

(B) غلام عباس

(C) اشفاق احمد

(D) احمد ندیم 

97. “چاند چہرہ ستارہ آنکھیں، کس مشہور پاکستانی شاعر کا مجموعہ کلام ہے؟

(A) افتخار عارف

(B) مجید امجد

(C) امجد اسلام امجد

(D) عبد الله علیم

98. ”ماہ تمام کس کا شاعری مجموعہ ہے؟

(A) حبیب جالب

(B) فیض احمد فیض 

(C) ن۔ م۔ راشد

(D) پروین شاکر

99. “Idiom “Pros and Cons کے درست مطلب کا انتخاب کیجئے۔

(A) عام لوگ

(B) کھوٹے سکے

(C) مشینی زندگی

(D) موافق و خلاف باتیں

100. لفظ گال کا مترادف بتائیں؟

(A) ما تھا

(B) رخسار

(C) چہرہ

(D) نین