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Q NO 1.In which type of operating system time intervals to process and respond to inputs is very small:

A: Distributed operating system

B: Network operating system

C:Real-time operating system

D: Time sharing operating system

Q NO 2. In a computer what does OS stand for?

A: Optical Sensibility

B: Order of Significance

C: Operating System

D: Organized software

Q NO 3. The area that generally contains My Computer, My Document and Recycle Bin is called

A: Desktop

B: Tiptop

C: Screen

D: None of these

Q NO 4. From which of the folowing can the User Account be changed?

A: Settings

B: Control Panel

C: System Restore

D: Computer Name

Q NO 5. In computing, what does DOS stand for?

A: Data Only System

B: Disk Only System

C: Data Operating System

D: Disk Operating System

Q NO 6. In MS Windows which of the following is program group?

A: Accessories

B: Paint

C: Word

D: All of these

Q NO 7. A common name for software errors is:

A: Bugs

B: Trojans

C: Logic bombs

D: Viruses

Q NO 8. In computing, PDF stands for

A: Peripheral Device Front

B: Portable Document Format

C: Peripheral Document Format

D: Portable Device Form

Q NO 9._____ are instructions that tell a computer what to do

A: Input device

B: Hardware

C: Memory cards

D: Software

Q NO 10. “Add or Remove programs’ is a/an

A: Productivity software

B: File manager

C: Unit

D: Device

Q NO 11. A computer virus is

A: A Micro organism

B: Electromagnetic waves entering

C: A useful micro component of a computer

D: A computer programme

Q NO 12. Name of the current head of IMF?

A: Rober Wiliam

B: Kristaina Georgieva

D: None of these

Q NO 13. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?

A: Down Cursor Key

B: Enter Key

C: Shift+Enter

D: End

Q NO 14. Shortcut keys to switch to the next window is:

A: Alt + Tab

B: Shift + Tab

C: Alt+Ctrl

D: Ciri Tab

Q NO 15. In a Windows PC, CTRL + K in Microsoft PowerPoint is the shortcut for

A: Shitting

B: Highlighting

C: Dragging

D: Inserting a hyperlink

Q NO 16. In MS Word, which shortcut key is used to centre the selected line?

A: Ctrl+F

B: Ctrl+E

C: Ctrl+M

D: Ctrl+D

Q NO 17. In MS Word 2016, which shortcut key is used to replace text or specific formatting?

A: Ctrl+K

B: Ctrl+T


D: Ctrl+Shift+M

Q N0 18. A File which contains readymade styles that can be used for a presentation is called?

A: Auto Style

B: Wizard

C: Template

D: Pre formatting

Q N0 19. MS Power Point is a/an example of

A: Multimedia software

B: Graphics software

C: Spread sheet

D: Entertainment software

Q N0 20. In MS PowerPoint slide master option is available in ______tab

A: Home

B: Insert

C: View

D: Design

Q N0 21. What are the effects that occur when you move from one side to the next during a PowerPoint presentation called?

A: Custom animations

B: Slide transitions

C: Present Animations

D: Loom effects

Q N0 22. Word Art option exists in:

A: Set up

B: Text

C: Timing

D: Sides

Q N0 23. The contents of two or more consecutive cells could be put together using

A: Shrink to fit

B: Wrap Text

C: Merge Cells

D: Centre Alignment

Q N0 24. Sorting can be done by

A: Alphabetically only

B: Numerically only

C: Date and time

D: All of these

Q N0 25. In MS Excel, On the Insert tab includes

A: Chart

B: Alignment

C: Style

D: Al of these

Q N0 26. Readymade templates are available under tab in Now option

A: Home

B: File

C: Insert

D: Data

Q N0 27. The distinguishing feature of a spreadsheet program is that it allows you to:

A: Enter data

B: Perform calculations on data

C: Format data

D: Print data

Q N0 28. This allows to enter new data at the current position of the cursor:

A: Word Wrap

B: Insert Text

C: Insertion Mode

D: Overtype Mode

Q N0 29. Which of the following step is wrong to change the paper size?

A: Click the Page Layout tab

B: In Page Setup group click the Size command

C: With a left click select the desired papersize

D: To customize page size click the Customize Sizes option

Q N0 30. This displays the positioning of text, textmargins, indents and other elements on the page:

A: Ruler

B: Status Bar

C: Document Window

D: Cursor

Q N0 31. In MS Word, while assigning a shortcut key to a symbol, try to select a key combination that is:

A: Having same font size and font style

B: Assigned to another task

C: Unassigned to any other task

D: Having same font family as the symbol

Q N0 32. _______Alignment is used in newspapers, magazines and novels

A: Full justification

B: Justification

C: Left justification

D: Right justification

Q N0 33. ______ maintain(s) database of webpages containing information on variety of topics.

A: Newsgroup

B: News server

C: Search Engines

D: World Wide Web

Q N0 34. Which of the following is not a binary number?

A: 001

B: 100

C: 102

D: 110

Q N0 35. How can the risk of unauthorized computer system access be reduced when connected to an internet?

A: By installing anti-spam software

B: By using a firewall

C: By setting up a WAN

D: By encrypting all data store in the system

Q N0 36. To search and view a Web page, the softwareused is

A: Web

B: World Wide Web

C: Web Browser

D: Search Engine

Q N0 37. Which is the full form of WI-FI?

A: Wireless Fidelity

B: Wired Fidelity

C: Wireless Focus

D: Wireless Field

Q N0 38. Common methods of Internet access by users include:

A: Broadband over coaxial cable

B: Fiber optics or copper wires

C: Wi-Fi

D: All of these

Q N0 39. Data that changes continuously and cannot have discrete values is called:

A: Continuous Data

B: Analogue Data

C: Both A and B

D: None of these

Q N0 40. A/an _____ contains Information like text, image or music

A: Gadget

B: File

C: Keyboard

D: Internet browser

Q N0 41. IBM stands for

A: International Business Machines

B: International Buy Mechanism

C: Internet Business Machines

D: None of these

Q N0 42. In banks, the data on cheques is read by the following device:




D: Bar-code reader

Q N0 43. _____ uses information systems to do an activity cheaper, faster, accurately and consistently

A: Genetics

B: Automatic

C: Automatic

D: Robotics

Q N0 44. Larry Page is the best known for being one of the co-founder of

A: Apple Company

B: Google

C: Twitter

D: None of these

Q N0 45. Who is the creator of Linux Operating System?

A: Larry Ellison

B: James Gosling

C: Linus Torvalds

D: Martha Lane Fox

Q N0 46. International Nurses Day is celebrated on which of the following date every year all over the world?

A: 11th May

B: 12th May

C: 14th May

D: 15th May

Q N0 47. Who was the last king of Afghanistan?

A: Ahmad Shah Durrani

B: Zahir Shah

C: Amanullah Khan

D: Najibullah Khan

Q N0 48. Which of the following institutions was established as a result of Breton Woods Conference1944.

A: Interpol

B: International Court of Justice


D: None of these

Q N0 49. Union Jack is the name of the flag of which Country?

A: United Kingdom

B: Ireland

C: Canada

D: Scotland

Q N0 50. What is the number of Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council?

A: Four

B: Five

C: Eight

D: Ten

Q N0 51. Vitamin “C” is present in

A: Milk

B: Wheat

C: Oranges

D: Ten

Q N0 52. Removal of top soil by wind or water is called?

A: Erosion

B: Silting

C: Water logging

D: Creeping

Q N0 53. What are learned and shared behaviour and beliefs called?

A: Culture

B: Food

C: Language

D: Ethnicity

Q N0 54. Plato was Aristotle’s:

A: Teacher

B: Friend

C: Student

D: Son

Q N0 55. Ringgit’ is the currency of

A: Sudan

B: Nigeria

C: Finland

D: Malaysia

Q N0 56. What is the full form of “CTBT”?

A: Common Trading and Business Terminal

B: Common Test for Bank Tellers

C: Computerised Topography and Bio Technology

D: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Q N0 57. SAMINA BAIG distinguished herself in the field of:

A: Mountaineering

B: Film making

C: Journalism

D: Handicrafts

Q N0 58. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried at:

A: Bait-ul-Muqadus

B: Tehran

C: Qom

D: Baghdad

Q N0 59. Which night’s “Ibadat”, during the month of Ramadan, is considered better than “Ibadat” of thousand months?

A: Lailat-ul-Qadar

B: Shab-e-Baraat

C: Shab-e-Miraj

D: None of these

Q N0 60. The heads of Zakat are:

A: Seven

B: Eight

C: Nine

D: Ten

Q N0 61. Give the name of the founder of the Abbasid dynasty who is historically known as “As- Saffah”.

A: Al-Mansoor

B: Abu Al-Abbas

C: Al-Mahdi

D: None of these

Q N0 62. Swim is to Fish as Walk is to

A: Man

B: Bird

C: Chair

D: Legs

Q N0 63. Fill in the blank: I had the privilege knowing him intimately.

A: Of

B: In

C: For

D: With

Q N0 64. Antonym of Spendthrift is:

A: Mean

B: Bold

C: Cautious

D: Miser

Q N0 65. “Cat” is to “Kitten” as “Dog” is to

A: Puppy

B: Colt

C: Calf

D: Baby

Q N0 66. ‘Antenna’ is used in:

A: Football

B: Basketball

C: Handball

D: Volleyball

Q N0 67. In which year, FIH (International Hockey Federation) was established?

A: 1980

B: 1920

C: 1924

D: 1922

Q N0 68. Which is a valid program to access the internet?

A: Access

B: Front Page

C: Windows Explorer

D: Google Chrome

Q N0 69. When you link data maintained in an excel workbook to a word document:

A: The word document cannot be edited

B: To word document contains a reference to the original source application

C: The word document must contain a hyperlink

D: The word document contains a copy of the actual data

Q N0 70. In PowerPoint 2016, ‘Rehearse Timings’ option is available in:

A: Home Tab

B: Slide Show Tab

C: Review Tab

D: Design Tab

Q N0 71. _____ is used to draw pictures, 3D images and animation.

A: Graphic software

B: Multimedia software

C: Word processing software

D: Spread sheet software

Q N0 72. Computer at home can be used to perform:

A: Record keeping

B: Watching movies and games

C: Making budgets

D: All of these

Q N0 73. In computer Communication “Verification” is process of?

A: Access

B: Login

C: Logout

D: Authentication

Q N0 74. In MS Word 2016, to extend a selection to adjacent cells of the table:

A: Hold down SHIFT and press an arrow key repeatedly

B: Press ALT + A



Q N0 75. In MS Word 2016, a ____ contains buttons, boxes, and menus that allow tasks to be performed more quickly than using the menu bar.

A: Format bar

B: Status bar

C: Command bar

D: Toolbar

Q N0 76. Maximum zoom percentage in MS PowerPoint is _____

A: 200

B: 400

C: 600

D: 800

Q N0 77. If average of 7 numbers is 40. What was the sum of the numbers?

A: 400

B: 70

C: 700

D: 280

Q N0 78. The positive number which when multiply be itself gives 422500 is:

A: 650

B: 625

C: 600

D: 775

Q N0 79. At the end of a conference the 10 people present all shake hands with each other once. How many handshakes will there be altogether?

A: 20

B: 35

C: 45

D: 55

Q N0 80. Haider made a profit of 25% in the first year. Next year he had a loss of 20% on the capital he had at the beginning of second year. What was his overall loss or profit?

A: 4% loss

B: 5% gain

C: 5% loss

D: 0%

Q N0 81. Bulleh Shah was famous in the field of:

A: Medicine

B: Poetry

C: Politics

D: Diplomacy

Q N0 82. Tolstoy a great literary figure and author of Anna Karenine and War and Peace belonged to

A: France

B: Yugoslavia

C: Germany

D: Russia

Q N0 83. Who took over as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom following David Cameron’s decision to step down after the Brexit vote?.

A: David Miliband

B: Theresa May

C: Andrea Leadsom

D: Ben Johnson

Q N0 84. The world’s largest coral reef ‘The Great Barrier Reef is in:

A: Canada

B: Sweden

C: Australia

D: France

Q N0 85. “Warsak Dam” has been built on the river:

A: Indus

B: Korang

C: Kabul

D: Sutlej

Q N0 86. Among the following, which country is known as “Pearl of Antilles”?

A: Cuba

B: South Africa

C: Taiwan

D: India

Q N0 87. The capital city of Germany is:

A: Munich

B: Berlin

C: Hamburg

D: Cologne

Q N0 88. Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is one of the biggest projects for solar power generation in Pakistan. Where is it located?

A: Multan

B: Sukkur

C: Rahim Yar Khan

D: Bahawalpur

Q N0 89. Baglihardam is constructed on river in India.

A: Ravi

B: Beas

C: Sutlej

D: Chenab

Q N0 90. Ring of Fire is attributed to:

A: Pacific Ocean

B: Atlantic Ocean

C: Arctic Ocean

D: None of these

Q N0 91. Who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan after the death of Liaqat Ali Khan?

A: Mohd. Ali Bogra

B: Ghulam Mohammad

C: Kh Nazimuddin

D: Ch Mohammad Ali

Q N0 92. Javed Iqbal is chairman of the:

A: Election commission

B: National Accountability Bureau

C: Senate

D: National Assembly

Q N0 93. Pakistan’s first ambassador in the United States was:

A: M.A.H. Isphahni

B: Patras Bukhari

C: K.K Aziz

D: None of these

Q N0 94. Nehru Report was produced by Motilal Nehru in

A: 1925

B: 1928

C: 1930

D: 1932

Q N0 95. The numbers of the Constituent Assembly were increased from the original number of 69, to:

A: 79

B: 89

C: 99

D: 100

Q N0 96. When did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan die?

A: 1896 AD

B: 1897 AD

C: 1895 AD

D: 1898 AD

97. جب کبھی حرف واو ( و ) دو اسموں کو ملائے تو اسے تنہا لکھا جاتا ہے۔ جیسے خوش و خرم۔ ایسے واو (و) کو گرائمر کی رو سے کیا کہا جاتا ہے؟

(A) واوساکن

(B) واؤ مجہول

(C) واو معروف

(D) واو عاطفه

98. ”روزن دیوار سے‘‘ کے نام سے کسی صحافی کا کالم جنگ اخبار میں چھپا ہے؟

(A) عطاء الحق قاسمی

(B) جاوید چودھری

(C) حامد میر

(D) اوریا مقبول جان

99. اردو کلاسیکل اور جدید شاعری کا سنگم کس شاعر کو قرار دیا جاتا ہے؟

(A) مولانا محمد حسین آزاد

(B) خواجہ الطاف حسین حالی

(C) مولانا حسرت موہانی

(D) علامہ اقبال

100 مسدس کے ہر بند میں کتنے مصرعے ہوتے ہیں؟

(A) چار

(B) پانچ

(C) چھ

(D) آٹھ