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Q No 301 Which city is the capital of Kenya?

A: Nairobi

B:  Naypyidaw

C:  Kigali

D:  Niamey

Q NO 302. Rabat is the capital of:

A:  Oman

B:  Turkey

C:  Morocco

D:  Libya

Q NO 303: Among the following prophets, whose nation was awarded with Mano-Salwa?

A:  Hazrat Isa

B:  Hazrat Daud

C:  Hazrat Musa

D:  Hazrat Yunus

Q NO 304 Who among the cousins of Holy Prophet (PBUH) was Mulasir e Quran?

A:  AbdAllah ibn Abbas

B:  Ageel ibn Abi Talib

C:  Talib ibn Abi Talib

D:  All Ibn Abi Talib

QNO 305: WIPO stands for

A:  World Intellectual Persons Organization

B: World Identification Property Organization

C: World Intellectual Property Organization

D: None of these

Q NO 306. Which among the following is second largest river after Amazon in South America?

A:  Congo

B:  Parana

C:  Orinoco

D:  Paraguay

Q NO 307: You should lay – some money for your future

A:  OF

B:  by

C:  from

D:  with

Q NO 308Correct the sentence: Jeans was not permitted in this college.

A:  Were

B:  Was

C:  Had

D:  Will

Q NO 309: One who cannot be changed or reformed?

A:  Invulnerable

B:  Hardened

C: Incurable

D:  Incorrigible

Q NO 310: What is the opposite of Indolent?

A:  Torpid

B:  Languid

C:  Inert

D: Energetic

Q NO 311. Which one is not a Multitasking operating System?

A:  Windows

B:  Linux

C: Win NT


Q NO 312. Which one is the disadvantage of a laser printer?

A:  Quieter than an impact printer

B:  Very Slow

C:  Low Quality Output
D:  None of these

Q NO313: Dot Matrix printer is a type of:

A:  Impact Printer

B:  Laser Printer

C:  Ink Jet Printer

D:  None of these

Q NO 314: Who was the Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army from 1951 to 1958?

A:  Yahya Khan

B:  Ayub Khan

C:  Tikka Khan

D:  Zia ul Haq

Q NO 315. Which Pakistan calligrapher is famous all around the world?

A:  Sadequain

B:  Ahmad Khan

C:  Asghar Ali

D:  None of these

Q NO 316: What is the ratio of unemployment in Pakistan?

A:  5.79%

B:  4.79%

C: 6.79%

D:  3.79%

Q NO 317: CTRL+D is used in MS WORD for

A:  Delete Dialog Box

B:  Font Dialog Box

C:  Layout Dialog Box

D:  None of these

Q NO 318: Hazrat Umar RA accepted Islam after hearing the recitation of which surah?

A:  Surah Muzammil

B:  Surah Taha

C:  Surah Nisa

D:  Surah Namal

Q NO 319: Surah Momin is present in which Para of the Holy Quran?

A:  24 Para

B:  26 Para

C:  28 Para

D:  20 Para

Q NO 320. Marathon a long distance foot rare has an office distance of

A:  22 miles

B:  26 miles

C: 20 miles

D:  30 miles

Q NO 321. Which navy ship was in action during the war of 1965 and 1971?

A:  PNS Nasr

B:  PNS Ghazi

C:  PNS Hangor

D:  PNS Zulfiquar

Q NO322: Which is the largest ocean basin on Earth?

A:  Atlantic

B:  India

C:  Pacific

D:  Arctic

Q NO 323: Who among the following is the current CEO af Google:

A:  Sateya Nadela

B:  Sundar Pichai

C:  Sergey Brin

D:  Larry Page

Q NO 324: Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon followed by:

A:  Jeff Bezos

B:  Buzz Aldrin

C:  John Glenn

D:  Michael Collins

Q NO 325: A man spends 35% of his income on food, 25% on children’s education and 80% of the remaining on house rent. What percent of his income he is left with

A:  6%

B:  8%

C:  10%

D:  12%

Q NO 326: Five years ago the average of A and B was 15 years. Average age of A, B and C today is 20 years how old will be after 10 years

A:  10 years

B:  20 years

C: 30 years

D:  40 years

Q NO 327: 22 25=

A: 250

B: 256

C: 652

D: 182

Q No 328: find the value of x

A:  1

B:  -1

C:  2

D:  -2

Q NO 329: What is the meaning of MEANDER?

A:  A curve path

B:  Circular Path

C:  Straight Path

D:  None of these

Q NO 330: Sassi Punnu is a story of

A:  Balochistan

B:  Punjab

C:  Sindh

D:  KP

Q NO 331: A person who talks too much is called

A:  Sociable

B:  Garrulous

C: Gregarious

D: None of these

Q NO 332: Antonym of CONFESS:

A:  Accept

B:  Plead

C:  Guilty

D: Deny

Q NO 333: Asian Development Bank has its headquarters in Manila, with _ countries as its members

A:  65

B:  68

C:  69

D:  70


A:  60

B:  70

C:  50

D:  40

Q NO 335: Siachin Glacier is in:

A:  Astor

B:  Baltistan

C: Giligit

D:  Hunza

Q NO 336: ITAR-TASS is a news agency of:

A:  England

B:  Sweden

C: France

D:  Russia

Q NO 337: Cathy Pacific is the flag carrier of:

A:  South Korea

B: Hong Kong

C:  Singapore

D:  Indonesia

Q NO 338: Which mountain range separate Asia from Europe?

A:  Ural Mountains

B:  Aral Mountains

C:  Hindukush Mountains

D:  None of these

Q NO 339: Drama is a word of which language:

A:  Roman

B:  Greek

C: Arabic

D:  French

Q NO 340: Choose the correct spelling?

A:  Occassionaily

B:  Occassionaly

C: Occasionally

D:  Ocassiomally

Q NO 341: Ricky Ponting is a two time world cup winning captain from:

A:  Australia

B:  South Africa

C:  West Indies

D:  New Zealand

Q NO 342: How many stars are there in Chinese flag?

A:  4

B:  5

C 6

D:  7

Q NO 343: The population census of 2017 was the census in the row?

A:  4

B: 5

C:  6

D:  7

Q NO 344: Muhammad Bin Salman has lifted the ban on Woman Driving as he claims lo introduce?

A:  Orthodox Islam

B:  Modern Islam

C: Western Islam

D:  None of these

Q NO 345: Condoleezza Rice was?

A:  USA Secretary of the State

B:  Defence Secretary of USA.

C:  Both of these

D:  None of these
Q NO 346: Which Congress leader thought after Lahore Resolution that the partition was unavoidable?

A:  Moti Lal Nehru

B:  Raj Gopal Acharia

C:  GK Gokhle

D:  Gandhi 47

Q NO 347: Muslims of India got right to separate electorate in the Act of?

A:  1909

B:  1919

C:  1935

D:  1946 48

Q NO 348: which city was the temporary capital of Pakistan in 1960?

A:  Rawalpindi

B:  Karachi

C:  Quetta

D:  None of these

Q NO 349:  Who among the following the first president of Congress?

A:  A O Hume

B:  WC Bonnerjee

C:  GK Gokhle

D:  None of these

Q NO 350: Who among the following is credited with popularizing the musical ferm Jugni for the first time?

A:  Arif Lohar

B: Amiad Lohar

C:  Alam Lohar

D:  None of these

Q NO 351: Qawali was introduced in the 13th century by?

A:  Fateh Ali Khan

B: Amir Khusu

C:  Qutubudin

D:  None of these

Q NO 352: Who among the following women won Nobel Prize twice?

A:  Irene Curie

B:  Marie Curie

C:  Mana Maver

D:  Donna Strickland

Q NO 353: Who was the first women head of Muslim Women Student’s Federation?

A:  Beghum Jehan Ara

B:  Beghum Shaista Ikram Ullah

C:  Beghum Nusrat

D: None of these

Q NO 354: Currency of Kuwiat is?

A:  Dinar

B:  Dirham

C:  Riyal

D:  Rupee

Q NO 355: Nokia is a company based in?

A:  Denmark

B:  Scotland

C:  Finland

D:  Norway

Q NO 356: Who among the following was the first president of Pakistan?

A:  Malik Ghulam Muhammad

B:  Iskandar Mirza

C:  Ayub Khan

D:  Bhutto

Q NO 357: According to Legal Framework Order First General Election of Pakistan were held in?

A:  1966

B:  1970

C:  1977

D:  1952
Q NO 358: Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar got his education from

A:  Madrassah Rahirmyah

B:  Islamia College Peshawar

C:  Ali Garn College

D:  None of these

Q NO 359: Who was the defence minister of Pakistan in the government of PMLN?

A:  Khawaia Asif

B:  Asif Kirmani

C:  Sheikh Rasheed

D: Rashid Ahmad

Q No 360: Total number of representatives in senate from the provinces are:

A:  24

B:  23

C: 22

D:  21

Q NO 361: A clock seen in a mirror shows quarter past three. What is the actual time in the clock?

A:  3:15

B:  845

C:  9:15

D:  9:45

Q NO 362: A cell in Excel is activated by:

A:  Pressing the Tab Key

B:  Clicking the cell

C:  Pressing an arrow key

D:  All of these

Q No 363. Which menu provides you options like Animation Scheme custom Animation, Slide Transition?

A:  Insert Menu

B: Format Menu

C: Tools Menu

D:  Slide Show Menu

Q No 364. 1984 is a novel written by:

A:  Christian Lamb

B:  Loo Tolstoy

C:  Haruki Murakami

D:  George Orwell

Q NO 365. Which among the following prevents constipation?

A:  Glucose

B:  Fiber

C: Fructose

D:  Proteins

Q NO 366: Malaria affects which part of the body?

A:  Liver

B:  Kidney

C:  Spleen

D:  None of these

Q NO 367: What is the length of Pakistan India border?

A:  1400 km

B:  1600 km

C: 1800 km

D:  2100 km

Q NO 368. When did Pakistan recognize People’s Republic of China?

A:  1948

B:  1950

C:  1949

D:  1951

Q NO 369: Tomb of Jahangir is in:

A:  Sheikhupura

B:  Lahore

C:  Multan

D:  Bahwalpur

Q NO 370. Ch. Rehmat Ali was buried at

A:  Canterbury

B:  Cambridge

C:  Liverpool

D:  Manchester

Q NO 371. Pakistan was officially renamed as Islamic Republic of Pakistan in

A:  1956

B:  1962

C:  1973

D:  None of these

Q NO 372: Which among the following barrages is the oldest barrage of Pakistan?

A:  Sukhur Barrage

B:  Kotri Barrage

C: Guddu Barrage

D:  Sulemanki Barrage

Q No 373: CFCs (Chloroflouro Carbons) are present in:

A:  Atmosphere

B:  Refrigerators

C:  Engines

D:  lonosphere

Q No 374: Which Part of the Brain Regulates Body Temperature?

A:  cerebellum

B:  cerebrum

C: Hupothalamus

D:  medulla

Q No 375: Who among the following was First Chief Minister of Punjab?

A:  Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot

B:  Hussain Daultana

C:  Nawab of Kalabagh

D:  None of these

Q NO 376:  The Jury acquitted him murder?

A:  For

B:  with

C:  of

D: None of these

Q NO 377:  Art of writing codes and secret language is called?

A:  Cryptography

B:  Graphology

C:  Entomology

D:  Etymology

Q NO 378: Who was the first Secretary General of the United Nations?

A:  U Thant

B:  Dag Hammarskjol

C:  Trygve Lie

D: None of these

Q NO 379: Year of Sorrow in Islam was?

A:  9th Nabvi

B:  10 Nabvi

C:  11 Nabvi

D:  8 Nabvi

Q NO 380: Babusar Pass connects?

A:  Gilgit and Hunza

B:  Abbotabad and Gilgit

C:  Abbotabad and Huza

D:  None of these

Q NO 381: Who was the leader of Infidels in the battle of Uhud?

A:  Abu Jahl

B:  Abu Sufyan

C:  Abu Lahb

D:  None of these

Q NO 382:  Who among the following angels stands guarded at the door of Hell?

A:  Maalik

B:  Karaman Katibeen

C:  Israfeel

D:  None of these

Q NO 383: if all colors of the spectrum of sunlight combine which color is produced?

A:  Yellow

B:  White

C:  Green

D:  Blue

Q NO 384: Goa was a colony of UK located in:

A:  Bhutan

B:  India

C: Bangladesh

D:  Nepal

Q NO 385. Muhammad Ali Clay became heavy weight champion by defeating

A:  Mike Tyson

B: Floyd Mayweather

C:  Sonny Liston

D:  Floyd Patterson

Q No 386: AIDS virus is called




D:  None of these

Q NO 387: Which SAARC country has Monarchy?

A:  Nepal

B:  Bhutan

C: Maldvies

D:  Bangladesh

Q NO 388. Distance between the Sun and the Earth is smallest in the month of

A:  February

B:  January

C: September

D:  December

Q NO 389: Paw is to Cat as Hoof is to:

A: Dog

B:  Sheep

C:  Horse

D: Carte

Q NO 390: Labrador is a breed of

A:  Sheeps

B:  Dogs

C:  Horses

D:  Carte

Q No 391: According to Quaid Kashmir is the Jugular vein of Pakistan because

A:  It is rich in mineral resources

B:  Most of the population is Muslim

C:  All major rivers originate from Kashmir

D: None of these

Q NO 392: “Philately is a

A:  Science of drugs

B:  Stamp collection

C:  The study of written record

D:  The study of animal behaviour

Q NO 393: The world’s largest number of newspapers are published from

A: America

B:  China

C:  Russia

D:  India

Q NO 394: The most famous book of 2008 “The Way of the World-A story of truth and hope in an age of extremism is written by:

A:  Ron Suskind

B: HV Hudson

C: William Congreve

D:  Ayesha Jalal

Q No 395: Green vegetables are good source of:

A:  Starch

B: Fats and Oil

C:  Protein

D:  Minerals and Vitamins

Q NO 396: British East India Company was established during the reign of Mughal Emperor

A:  Akbar

B:  Jahangir

C: Shahjahan

D:  Aurengzeb

Q NO 397: Light travels from Sun to Earth in:

A:  499.0 seconds

B:  599 0 seconds

C:  699.0 seconds

D:  799.0 seconds

Q NO 398: What do understand by the term ‘Intifada’?

A:  Reconciliation

B:  Uprising

C:  Offence

D:  Negotiation

Q No 399: Which of the following rivers run through Paris?

A:  The Seine

B:  The Thames

C: The Rhine

D:  The Danube

Q NO 400: The largest section of the Kurd population is living in:

A:  Traq

B:  Iran

C:  Turkey

D:  Syria