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PPSC Labour Officer Past Papers


Q NO 701: Freedom of Association is guaranteed through:

A: Through Presidential Order

B: As a Fundamental Right

C: By the Chief Election Commissioner

D: By the Principles of Policy given in the Constitution

Q NO 702: An action or law which is against the Principles of Policy:

A: Can be questioned for this contradiction

B: Cannot be questioned for this Contradiction

C: is invalid law/action

D: is invalid after four years of its Promulgation

Q NO 703: The Fundamental Rights are enforceable through:

A: The Supreme Court only

B: The High Court

C: Both A: and B:

D: The Parliament

Q NO 704: The Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) consists of:

A: National and Provincial Assemblies

B: The Prime Minister and the National Assembly

C: The President, National Assembly and the Senate

D: The Joint Session of National and Provincial Assemblies

Q NO 705: If the Prime Minister intends to resign, he may address his resignation to:

A: The Speaker, National Assembly

B: The Chairman Senate

C: The President

D: None of them

Q NO 706: The Lower House of the Parliament is:

A: The Senate

B: The National Assembly

C: A Provincial Assembly

D: Combination of Provincial Assemblies

Q NO 707: The Governor is appointed by:

A: The Prime Minister

B: The Chief Minister

C: The President

D: The National Assembly

Q NO 708: The Constitution Committee for the 1973 Constitution consisted of:

A: The Members of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)

B: The Members of PPP and its election Allies

C: All the Political Parties

D: The President, the Prime Minister and four Chief Ministers

Q NO 709: The Session of Senate is presided over by:

A: The President

B: The Speaker

C: The Chairman

D: None of these

Q NO 710: The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed for a term of:

A: Five years

B: As determined by the President

C: Same term as is of the assemblies

D: Three years

Q NO 711: Since its promulgation the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 has been amended:

A: 19 times

B: 18 times

C: 16 times

D: 14 times

Q NO 712: The name Islamic Republic of Pakistan was given in the:

A: Constitution of 1973

B: Zia-ul-Haq regime

C: Constitution of 1962

D: Constitution of 1956

Q NO 713: The Objective Resolution was made part of substantive provisions of the Constitution of 1973:

A: At the time of its promulgation in 1973

B: By Presidential Order 14 of 1985 (Revival of Constitution Order)

C: Through amendments made in the Constitution in 1975

D: Through a resolution of the Parliament (Majlis-e-ShoorA:

Q NO 714:  Pick the correct word:

A: Formdible

B: Formidable

C: Firmdable

D: Pharmidable

Q NO 715: Mark the sentence which is with correct preposition:

A: He was entitled for inherit of his father

B: He was entitled to inherit his father

C: He was entitled on inheritance of his Father

D: He was entitled with inheritance of his Father

Q NO 716: Mark the synonym of “chair”:

A: Pedestal

B: Boasting

C: Seat

D: Pride

Q NO 717:  Choose the correct sentence:

A: She resembles to her mother

B: She resembles with her sister

C: She resembles her cousin

D: The two brothers resemble on each other

Q NO 718:  Which one is the antonym of Fugitive?

A: Immigrant

B: Refugee

C: Absconder

D: Captive

Q NO 719: In a sentence “no sooner” is always followed

A: That

B: As

C: Than

D: Then

Q NO 720: One who is capable of dealing with many subjects is called

A: Genius

B: Intellectual

C: Versatile

D: Vulnerable

Q NO 721:  What is the one word substitution for a person who is unable to pay his debt?

A: Poor

B: Vagabond

C: Solvent

D: Insolvent

Q NO 722:  His silence to refusal

A: Tantamount

B: is tantamount

C: is Tanta mounting

D: tan amounted

Q NO 723: Pick the wrong word:

A: Transpyre

B: Transfer

C: Tranquil

D: Tranquillity

Q NO 724: The husband ruled by his wife is called:

A: Penpricked

B: Henpecked

C: Indebted

D: Liquidator

Q NO 725:  The workman may seek indulgence the Labour Court for his guaranteed rights:

A: Of

B: To

C: By

D: From

Q NO 726:  Which is the correct sentence?

A: I am sick by your lies

B: I am sick of your lies

C: I am sick from your lies

D: I am sick to your lies

Q NO 727:  Which is the correct sentence?

A: He brushed on my argument

B: He brushed aside my argument

C: He brushed to my argument

D: He brushed over my argument

Q NO 728:  The swimmers should avoid contaminated swimming pool?

A: entering

B: being entered

C: to enter

D: have entered

Q NO 729:  The noun form of the verb excite” is:

A: excitirg

B: excite

C: excitatement

D: excitement

Q NO 730:  The const ction of Wullar Barrage shall result

A: Scratc ng the canal irrigation in Pakistan

B: Threat to defence measures

C: Minimizing energy production

D: All of these

Q NO 731:  Sir Creek denotes:

A: A mountain top in Northern area

B: An ice berg of Siachen

C: An island in Indian Ocean

D: None of these

Q NO 732:  Kashmir is important because of:

A: Strategic location

B: Mountain range of Uranium

C: Trade spot

D: All of these

Q NO 733: Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan were severed.

A: in 1961

B: In 2010

C: Never

D: In every decade after 1947

Q NO 734:  Census in Pakistan is held:

A: Every year

B: After every 3 years

C: After every 5 years

D: Once in ten years

Q NO 735: Hatfill Missile is also called:

A: Abdali Missile

B: A.Q. Missile

C: Ghazlawi Missile

D: None of these

Q NO 736:  National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was promulgated in the year:

A: 2008

B: 2005

C: 2007

D: 2009

Q NO 737:            Missing

Q NO 738:            Missing

Q NO 739: The largest spoken language in Pakistan is:

A: Urdu

B: Punjabi

C: Sindhi

D: Pushto

Q NO 740: The Province with longest coast line:

A: Sind

B: Baluchistan

C: Punjab

D: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Q NO 741: The largest artificial grown forest of Pakistan:

A: Chitral’

B: Gadon

C: Chhanga Managa

D: Bannu

Q NO 742:            Sahiwal is the name of

A: A District of Punjab Province

B: A sub Division of Distt. Sargodha

C: Both A: & B:

D: The capital of old Rajwara State

Q NO 743:            A Trade Union is an association:

A: For the welfare of the Traders

B: For the right of the workmen

C: For collection of funds

D: For enrichment of the labour leaders

Q NO 744:  Under the Punjab Industrial Relations Act, 2010, an appeal against a decision of the Labour Court lies:

A: To the senior Labour Court

B: To the High Court

C: To the National Industrial Commission

D: To the Appellate Tribunal

Q NO 745: The function of the Labour Court is:

A: To decide an industrial dispute

B: To supervise a settlement between employer and workmen

C: Both A & B

D: To supervises elections of C.B.A

Q NO 746: The CBA Collective Bargaining Agent) is:

A: An organization of the Employers

B: Constituted by Presidents of Labour Unions

C: Determined by workmen through secret Ballot

D: None of these

Q NO 747: The Punjab Industrial Relations Act 2010:

A: Has re-organized the National Industrial Relations Commission (NIRC:

B: Has abolished the NIRC

C: Has curtailed the jurisdiction of NIRC

D: Has enhanced the functions of NIRC

Q NO 748: The child labour is:

A: Prohibited under the Constitution

B: Permissible only in Football industry

C: Permissible for limited period with the approval of the Social Welfare Officer

D: Permissible under the law in under developed areas

Q NO 749:  Under the Punjab Industrial Relations Act, 2010 an unfair labour practice is:

A: An offence cognizable by the Police

B: Actionable before the NRC

C: Actionable before the Labour Court

D: Exclusively actionable before the Punjab Labour Appellate Tribunal

Q NO 750:  For the service of charge sheet against misconduct of a workman, the Industrial and Commercial Establishment Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1968 has prescribed a period of:

A: 15 days

B: 30 days

C: 45 days

D: There is no limitation

Q NO 751:  Under the Constitution the employment of children is prohibited below the age of:

A: 10 years

B: 12 years

C: 14 years

D: 16 years

Q NO 752: The Headquarter of the International Labour Organization is established in:

A: Italy

B: U.K.

C: Switzerland

D: U.S.A.

Q NO 753: The juncture where two segments of the RiverNile known as “Nilain” joint together is in:

A: Egypt

B: Sudan

C: Palestine

D: Jordan

Q NO 754: Egypt is situated in the continent of:

A: Asia

B: Africa

C: Europe

D: Other then these three

Q NO 755: Google is:

A: A famous sport brand

B: A transport agency

C: An internet search engine

D: A European Trade Union

Q NO 756: D.M.S (Document Management System) includes:

A: Word Processing

B: Desktop Publishing

C: None of A: & B:

D: Both A: & B:

Q NO 757: In the Nuclear field N.P.T stands for

A: Non Polluting Test

B: Non Proliferation Treaty

C: Net Particles Tube

D: Neuro Person Text

Q NO 758: Alumni denotes:

A: Plural of Aluminium substance

B: A former student

C: Celebration of Trade Unionism

D: Renowned education institution

Q NO 759. By the term “Third World” we understand:

A: Third Party insurance companies

B: Non-aligned countries

C: Under developed countries

D: South Africa

Q NO 760: The International Atomic Energy Agency has its Headquarters in:

A: Geneva

B: Canberra

C: Paris

D: Vienna

Q NO 761: Ban Ki Mon is the

A: President Security Council

B: Prime Minister of Japan

C: Secretary General U.N.O

D: U.N. Disaster Management Representative

Q NO 762: Jam-e-Al Azhar, one of the oldest universities is located in:

A: Iraq

B: Jordan

C:  Egypt

D: Spain

Q NO 763:  The author of the book ‘Aawaz-i-Dost” is:

A: Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan

B: Altaf Hussain Hali

C: Josh Malih Abadi

D: Mukhtar Masud

Q NO 764: The Zakat rate on Diamonds is:

A: 2.5%

B: 5%

C: 10%

D: 20%

Q NO 765:  The Primary subject or theme and thesis of the Qur’an is:

A: The man/human beings

B: The battles and their effects

C: The injunction of Prayer (Nimaz), Zakat and Haji

D: The narration of Devil’s disobedience

Q NO 766: The prisoner of war of in Jang-e-Badr was:

A: 47

B: 71

C: 73

D: 70

Q NO 767:  Shab-e-Abi Talab a valley near Macca was:

A: The refuge of Muslims against social boycott

B: An important trade passage

C: A farm House of Abi Talab

D: A lake for storage of water

Q NO 768:  Ushr and Khums are:

A: Two months of Islamic Calendar

B: Two kinds of Tax in Islam

C: Two prominent warriors of Islam

D: None of these

Q NO 769: The maximum number of Huffaz-e-Qur’an were martyred in the:

A: Jang-e-Khandaq

B: Jang-e-Uhad

C: Jang-e-Yamama

D: Other than these three

Q NO 770: Who was named as Brain of Arabia by the Prophet (PBUH):

A: Hazrat Ali (RA:

B: Hazrat Umar

C: Hazrat Umro Bin Al Aas

D: Hazrat Abu Haraira

Q NO 771: The first written constitution in the Islamic History is:

A: Last Address of the Prophet at Hajj

B: The Hudabia settlement

C: The Treaty (Misag) of Madina

D: Aaeen-e-Akbari of the Mughal era

Q NO 772: Muttafiq Alae Tradidition (Hadith) of Prophet (PBUH) is the one reported by:

A: Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim

B: Imam Ahmad Bin Hunmbal

C: Imam Jaffer Sadiq

D: Imam Malik

Q NO 773: The Holy Quran contains Makki and Madni Suras. The Madni Suras have Emphasis are:

A: Ghazwat Battles participated by the Prophet (PBUH)

B: Laws of nature

C: The social and religious laws and values

D: The historical facts

Q NO 774: Ghazwa Battle Furqan is the name for:

A: Battle of Badr

B: Battle of Uhad

C: Battle of Qaadsia

D: Battle of Jama

Q NO 775: Surah Al-Kausar is the shortest Surah of the Holy Quran. The number of its verses (Ayaat)

A: Three

B: Four

C: Five

D: Less than three

Q NO 776: Which Surah is called “Ummul Kitab”:

A: Al-Baqra

B: Al-Yasin

C: Al-Fateha

D: Al-Rehman

Q NO 777:            The name of the Hill over which “Khutba Hajja-tul Wida’ was delivered by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W):

A: Safa

B: Marwa

C: Jabl-i-Rehmat

D: None of these

Q NO 778. The Holy Book “Zaboor” was revealed on which Prophet of Allah:

A: Moosa (A.S)

B: Ibrahim (A.S)

C: Daud (A.S)

D: Ishaq (A.S)

Q NO 779. The appropriation of Zakat on the construction of a mosque is:

A: Valid expenditure

B: Invalid expenditure

C: Permissible for limited purpose

D: Permissible under the authority of the Head of the State

Q NO 780. Hepatitis ‘C’ is disease of:

 A: Lungs

B: Kidney

C: Abdomen

D: Liver

Q NO 781. Discovery of Solar System is attributed to:

A: Columbus

B: Edison

C: Copernicus

D: American Astronomers

Q NO 782. Radioactive waves were discovered by

A: Al-Beruni

B: Einstein

C: Newton

D: None of them

Q NO 783. Uphill journey makes the man bend forward to ensure:

A: High Speed

B: Stability

C: Avoiding fatigue

D: Avoiding the beasts

Q NO 784. The richest source of vitamin ‘D’ is:

A: Milk

B: Orange

C: Vegetable Oil

D: Cod Liver Oil

Q NO 785. Cubic Meter is the unit of measurement of:

A: Rain

B: Snow fall

C: Volume

D: Width of a substance

Q NO 786. Angiography and Angioplasty mean:

A: One single process

B: Plastic surgery

C: Two different but inter related processes

D: Diagnosis of diabetes

Q NO 787. Heat of sun-rays to earth is reduced by:

A: Oxygen

B: Nitrogen

C: Ozone

D: None of these

Q NO 788. A ‘Drone” can be traced by:

A: Radar

B: Laser

C: Ultrasound waves

D: Laptop

Q NO 789. Odour (smell) is a component of the cooking gas. It is:

A: Natural

B: Added during excavation

C: Sometimes natural

D: Sometimes artificial

Q NO 790. In the Computer Science RAM stands for:

A: Ready Access Memory

B: Read all Memory

C: Random Access Memory

D: Repeat all Memory

Q NO 791. The unit that controls all parts of computer is:





Q NO 792. A farmer pas 10% of the yield as Tax to the local council. If the quantity of the Tax is 100 KG, what is the total yield?

A: 1.00.000 KG

B: 10.000 K.G.

C: 1000 KG

D: 10, 00,000 KG

Q NO 793. The price of an article if increased by 25%, the percentage of consumption to be decreased for maintaining the same expenditure would be

A: 15%

B: 18%

C: 20%

D: 25%

Q NO 794. If 50 meters of road makes 10% of the whole length of the road, the length of the road is:

A: 500 meters

B: 1500 meters

C: 250 meters

D: 5000 meters

Q NO 795. Cement in stock is 5000 bags. 4000 bags having been sold, percentage of the bags left behind is:

A: 25%

B: 10%

C: 20%

D: 05%

Q NO 796. Which number will come next 3, 6, 5, 20, 7, 42, 9__?

A: 12

B: 93

C: 72

D: 46

Q NO 797. One gram of gold is equal to milligrams of gold

A: 100 mg gold

B: 500 mg gold

C: 1000 mg gold

D: 10000 mg gold

Q NO 798. In one square centimetre there are how many millimetres.

A: 1000 Sqr mm

B: 10000 Sqr. mm

C: 100 Sqr. mm

D: 10 Sqr. mm

Q NO 799. The amount of 15% of sales Tax paid on an article comes to Rs. 1500. What is the actual price of the article?

A: Rs. 1000

B: Rs. 7500

C: Rs. 10,000

D: Rs. 15,500

Q NO 800. Insert the missing number:

4, 5, 7, 11

A: 21

B: 19

C: 17

D: 26