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PPSC Labour Officer Past Papers


Q NO 801: Islamabad is part of which province?

A: Sindh


C: Punjab

D: None of these

Q NO 802.  Which country used to be called the ‘Sick Man of Europe” during the late 19th and early 20th Century?

A: France

B: Portugal

C: Turkey

D: Iran

Q NO 803. 1 inch is approximately equivalent to how many millilitres?

A: 20

B: 25

C: 30

D: 50

Q NO 804. Which out of them is a Nobel Peace Prize winner?

A: Jamal Abdul Nasir

B: King Hussain of Jordan

C: Raza Shah Pahelvi

D: Yasser Arafat

Q NO 805. Who was the second President of USA?

A: Thomas Jefferson

B: James Madison

C: James Monroe

D: John Adams

Q NO 806. Which is the largest (Area wise) airport of the world?

A: Kennedy Airport, New York

B: Heathrow Airport, London

C: Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

D: King Khalid Airport Riyadh

Q NO 807. “Olive Branch” is symbol of:

A: Prosperity

B: Strength

C: Peace

D: Success

Q NO 808. “KLM” is the main airline of which country?

A: Netherlands

B: France

C: Spain

D: Germany

Q NO 809. Who discovered the sea route from Europe to India?

A: Christopher Columbus

B: Marco Polo

C: Vasco De Gama

D: Sir Francis Drake

Q NO 810. The Headquarter of UNESCO is:

A: Vienna

B: Paris

C: New York

D: London

Q NO 811. NPT is the abbreviation of:

A: Non-proliferation Treaty

B: Neo-proliferation Treaty

C: Non-proliferation Trust

D: None of these

Q NO 812. Who was the first Secretary General of OIC?

A: Hassan Al-Touhami

B: Tanku Abdul Rahman

C: Syed Sharif-ud-Din Pirzada

D: Habib Chatty

Q NO 813. Which country exercised veto power the most in Security Council of the U.N.O?

A: USSR/Russia



D: China

Q NO 814. Which is the most populous city in the world?

A: Moscow

B: Tokyo

C: Shanghai

D: None of these

Q NO 815. Which country is the largest producer of wheat?

A: America

B: China

C: Russia

D: India

Q NO 816. The brightest planet in the solar system is:

A: Venus

B: Jupiter

C: Earth

D: Neptune

Q NO 817. Warsaw is the capital of

A: Romania

B: Bulgaria

C: Hungary

D: Poland

Q NO 818. The currency of Turkey is called:

A: Dirham

B: Lira

C: Peso

D: Riyal

Q NO 819. Which is the largest desert of the world?

A: Gobi

B: Thar

C: Sonoran

 D: Sahara

Q NO 820. Shashi Tharoor is the latest biographer of:

A: Nehru

B: Gandhi

C: Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman

D: Indra Gandhi

Q NO 821. Per capita water availability in Pakistan is:

A: Decreasing

B: Constant

C: Increasing

D: Fluctuating

Q NO 822: The scientists have estimated the age of Universe as

A: 13 billion years

B: 25 billion years

C: 11 billion years

D: None of these

Q NO 823. Which is the deepest Ocean of the world?

A: Artic

B: Indian

C: Atlantic

D: Pacific

Q NO 824. Who presented “The Theory of Evolution”?

A: Dr. Paul Muller

B: Charles Darwin

C: Edward Jenner

D: Dr. Bernard Christian

Q NO 825 Industrial Revolution started with the invention of

A: Wheel

B: Steam Engine

C: Spinning Jenny

D: Aeroplane

Q NO 826: The Greek epics “lliad” and “Odyssey” were written by

A: Homer

B: Euclid

C: Aristotle

D: Plato

Q NO 827 “Dhyan Chand” was legend of

A: Cricket

B: Hockey

C: Football

D: Athletics

Q NO 828 Solar Eclipse occurs when

A: Earth comes between sun and moon

B: Moon is at right angles to the earth

C: Moon comes between sun and earth

D: Sun comes between moon and earth

Q NO 829. The capital of Belgium is:

A: Brussels

B: Manchester

C: Zurich

D: Bonn

Q NO 830. “Interpol” is the

A: UNO’s global uplift plan

B: International Criminal Police

C: Agency for environmental protection

D: Forum to settle inter-country water disputes

Q NO 831. Which river is most often mentioned in the Bible?

A: Colorado

B: Jordan

C: Darling

D: Ganges

Q NO 832. “Good consist in creating the greatest happiness for the largest number of people”.

The theory is termed as:

A: Utilitarianism

B: Aristotelianism

C: Humanism

D: Pragmatism

Q NO 833 “Burj-al-khalifa” __________ the tallest standing Structure at presents is located at:

A: Jeddah

B: Cairo

C: Doha

D: Dubai

Q NO 834 Who invented dynamite?

A: Dr. Alfred B. Nobel

B: H.W.Seeley

C: Lionel Lukin

D: Roger Bacon

Q NO 835 “Fungus” is a Latin word which means:

A: Party

B: Sky

C: Mushrooms

D: Beast

Q NO 836. “Dermatology” is a branch of medical science which deals with

A: Digestion problems

B: Skin Diseases

C: Hair Plantation

D: Nervous Tension

Q NO 837. “My Life – a Fragment” is a book written by:

A: Syed Ameer Ali

B: Abu-al-kalam Azad

C: Jawahar Lal Nehru

D: Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

Q NO 838 “Magna Carta” is signed by King John of England in 1215 declared that:

A: England is the greatest country of Europe

B: The king is subject to law

C: London will be England’s capital

D: The English Crown will remain forever

Q NO 839. “Pravda” is the most important Newspaper of which country?

A: Iran

B: Canada

C: Germany

D: Russia

Q NO 840 Which of the following is not an official language of the U.N.O?

A: English

B: French

C: Chinese

D: Japanese

Q NO 841. Which is the biggest forex-earner of Pakistan out of the following

A: Cotton

B: Expatriates

C: Sugar

D: Sports Goods

Q NO 842. Pakistan’s national flower is:

A: Rose

B: Jasmin

C: Touch me not

D: None of these

Q NO 843. Pakistan won the cricket world cup in:

A: 1996

B: 1986

C: 1992

D: 2000

Q NO 844. Who built the “Rohatas fort” near Jhelum?

A: Akbar

B: Sher Shah Suri

C: Shah Jahan

D: Shahab-ud-din Gauri

Q NO 845. From which country Pakistan purchased Gawader?

A: Iran

B: Russia

C: Kuwait

D: Oman

Q NO 846. The Sole Spokesman’ was written by

A: Dr Waheed-uz-zaman

B: Musarrat Hassan Zubairi

C: Hector Bolitho

D: Ayehsa Jalal

Q NO 847. Choudhary Rahmat Ali published his pamphlet “Noe or Never” in:

A: 1922

B: 1933

C: 1937

D: 1942

Q NO 848. The length of Indo-Pak borders is:

A: 1600 km

B: 2100 km

C: 2500 km

D: 1000 km

Q NO 849. Pakistan’s capital was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad in:

A: 1954

B: 1959

C: 1967

D: 1969

Q NO 850. The second Chief Minister of Punjab was:

A: Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mumdot

B: Mian Mumtaz Daultana

C: Feroz khan Noon

D: Abdul Hamid Khan Dasti

Q NO 851. Baluchistan attained the status of a province in:

A: 1970

B: 1973

C: 1977

D: 1985

Q NO 852. Which of the following served as a Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A: Liaqat Ali Khan

B: Ch. Shujaat Hussain

C: Zafar Ullah Jamali

D: Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi

Q NO 853. Who was the first President (speaker) of Pakistan’s National Assembly?

A: Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan

B: Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

C: Abdul Wahab Khan

D: Abdul Jabbar Khan

Q NO 854. Who was the first recipient of Nishan-i-Haider?

A: Captain Muhammad Sarwar

B: Major Tufail Muhammad

C: Major Muhammad Akram

D:  None of these

Q NO 855. National Defence University (NDU) of Pakistan is located at:

A: Karachi

B: Lahore

C: Rawalpindi

D: Quetta

Q NO 856. A Colonel of Pakistan army is equal to which rank of Navy?

A: Captain

B: Lieutenant

C: Commander

D: Commodore

Q NO 857. In 1905 which important event of Indian history took place?

A: Formation of All-India Muslim League

B: Partition of Bengal

C: Minto-Morley Reforms

D: None of these

Q NO 858. “Jallianwala Bagh” is located in

A: Lahore

B: Delhi

C: Lucknow

D: Amritsar

Q NO 859. Pakistan Resolution of 1940 was seconded by

A: Ch. Khaliq-uz-Zaman

B: Maulvi Fazal-ul-Haq

C: Muhammad Ali Jinnah

D: Liaqat Ali Khan

Q NO 860. On 16th August 1946; what was observed on the call of Muslim League?

A: Deliverance Day

B: Independence Day

C: Yum-i-Shaukhat-i-islam

D: Direct Action Day

Q NO 861. “Hindu Mahasaba’ was:

A: a committee to hold accountability of Hindu leadership

B: an extremist Hindu organization

C: a religious council to revive original form of Hinduism

D: None of these

Q NO 862 Out of following early problems of Pakistan which one had no connection with India?

A: Division of financial and military assets

B: Kashmir issue

C: Language problem

D: Canal water

Q NO 863. The Bicameral legislature was first time introduced video constitution of:

A: 1973

B: 1962

C: 1956

D: Provisional Constitution of 1972

Q NO 864 Which Pass out of the following connects Pakistan with China?

A: Kilik Pass

B: Khunjrab Pass

C: Badawai Pass

D: Khan Kun Pass

Q NO 865 Which city of Pakistan has highest mean annual rainfall?

A: Murree

B: Lasbella

C: Sialkot

D: Chitral

Q NO 866 “Eye Wash” means:

A: Some one’s beloved

B: Deceit

C: Fondness of visiting new places

D: A women with a bright face

Q NO 867. Exports in Chemical and sugar sectors have____ a phenomenal rise this year:

A: Projected

B: Proclaimed

C: Registered

D: Declared

Q NO 868. Which one out of the following is not a novel by “Thomas Hardy”?

A: The Return of the Native

B: Tess of the D’Urbervilles

C: The Winner Stands Alone

D: Under the Greenwood tree

Q NO 869. Which one out of the following is not a synonym of “exactness”?

A: Faultlessness

B: Accuracy

C: Correctness

D: Imprecision

Q NO 870. A specialist who measures your eyesight is _____?

A: optician

B: Ophthalmologist

C: Optometrist

D: None of these

Q NO 871. He was a fair-minded person and whenever he arbitrated, his verdict was ______?

A: Misinformed

B: Prejudiced

C: Detrimental

D: Disinterested

Q NO 872. A person who studies rocks and soils is a ___?

A: botanist

B: Geologist

C: Archaeologist

D: Geophysicist

Q NO 873. Which of the following is not an arm of antonym of “Marvellous”?

A: Astounding

B: Awful

C: Ordinary

D: Believable

Q NO 874. To play into another’s hand is to put oneself under another’s

A: Possession

B: Game

C: Plot

D: Control

Q NO 875. “Lingua Franca” means

A: A beautiful girl

B: A difficult exam

C: An unknown person

D: A common language

Q NO 876. How many amendments have been made in the original draft of constitution of 1973, up till now?

A: 19

B: 20

C: 21

D: 18

Q NO 877. The Constitution of Pakistan is comprised of how many parts?

A: X

B: V



Q NO 878. The Common of 1973 came into force on:

A: 14th August 1973

B: 10th April 1973

C: 12th April 1973

D: None of these

Q NO 879. When National Assembly and Senate are referred together, they are termed as:

A: Majilis-e-Shoora

B: Parliament

C: Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)

D: None of these

Q NO 880. under which article of the Constitutions its abrogation, subversion or suspension have been declared a” high treason”?

A: 9

B: 3

C: 6

D: 10

Q NO 881. Chapter-I of the Part-II of the constitution exclusively deals with:

A: Election of the President

B: Fundamental Rights

C: Provincial Assemblies

D: Financial Matters

Q NO 882. Pakistan’s Constitution provides protection against retrospective punishment:

A: Yes

B: No

C: Not mentioned

D: is vague

Q NO 883. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees:

A: Equality of Citizens

B: Preservation of language, script and culture

C: Protection of property rights

D: All of these

Q NO 884. The President of Pakistan can hold office for:

A: only one form of five years

B: Two consecutive terms

C: an unlimited period

D: None of these

Q NO 885. According to the present form of Constitution the govt. can hold a referendum on any of national importance:

A: Yes

B: No

C: Vague

D: not mentioned

Q NO 886. A Prime Minister against whom a motion of no confidence has been tabled can advise the President to dissolve the National Assembly:

A: Yes

B: No

C: Not mentioned

D: Not dear in the Constitution

Q NO 887. A person shall be disqulified from being elected or chosen as, and from being a member of the parliament if:

A: he is an undischarged insolvent

B: he holds an office of profit in the service of Pakistan

C: he has been convicted for any offence involving moral turpitude

D: all of these

Q NO 888. Only that, person can be appointed as Attorney General of Pakistan who is eligible for appointment of

A: Judge of the High Court

B: Judge of the Supreme Court

C: ombudsman

D: Chairman of Islamic Ideology Council

Q NO 889. A provincial govt. can construct power houses and grid stations and lay transmission lines for use within the province:

A: Yes

B: No

C: Not mentioned

D: vaguely mentioned

Q NO 890. Under Article 160 of the Constitution the distribution of Revenues between the Federation and the Province is made by:

A: Cabinet Committee on Finance

B: Chief Justice of Pakistan

C: President as per recommendation of Finance Secretary

D: National Finance Commission

Q NO 891. In result of Supreme Court’s decision in 1988, the Bonded Labour Abolition Act was passed

A: 1989

B: 1992

C: 1994

D: None of these

Q NO 892. Pakistani Labour Laws define a ‘Child’ as anyone under the age of:

A: 15

B: 16

C: 20

D: 10

Q NO 893. Pakistan’s estimated labour force stands approximately at:

A: 62.00 million

B: 4.52 million

C: 51.78 million

D: 09.00 million

Q NO 894. Which article of the Pakistan’s Constitution has prohibited all forms of forced labour in human beings?

A: 11

B: 19

 C: 27

D: none of these

Q NO 895. Article 17 of the Pakistan’s Constitution:

A: allows every citizen to form associations or unions

B: declares that all citizens are equal before law

C: guarantees well-being of citizens without Discrimination

D: All of them

Q NO 896. Application for registration of a trade union is to be submitted before:

A: DCO of the district

B: Registrar of Trade Unions

C: IG Police

D: Secretary Labour

Q NO 897. Which organ of the UNO deals with the affairs of Labours at International level?





Q NO 898. According to Pakistan laws “Collective bargaining” is:

A: legal party

B: illegal

C: conditionally legal

D: not clearly mentioned any where

Q NO 899. A strike/lockout is illegal if it is:

A: Commenced without giving notice to other

B: Continued despite prohibition orders by the Competent Authority

C: Continued in a period when settlement of award is in operation

D: All of them

Q NO 900. Labour Judiciary is:

A: Local Labour Courts

B: Labour Appellate Tribunals

C: National Industrial Relations Commission

D: All of them