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PPSC Labour Officer Past Papers


Q NO 601: John Kerry is United States of America’s:

A:  Vice-President

B:  National Security Advisor

C:  Secretary of State

D:  Commander-in-Chief

Q NO 602: Steve Jobs earned fame during his association with:

A:  Microsoft

B:  Intel

C:  Dell

D:  Apple

Q NO 603: “Laissez-Faire’ means:

A:  Non-interference of state in economy

B:  Extra-ordinary political activity

C:  Fast-pace industrialization of a country

D:  Rescue operation in flood-effected areas.

Q NO 604: Renowned novelist Ernest Hemingway belonged to:

A:  England

B:  Syria

C: America

D:  Columbia

Q NO 605. ‘Azerbaijan’ is located in

A:  Western Europe

B:  Latin America

C: Central Asia

D:  Middle East

Q NO 606: The branch of medicine dealing with skin is called:

A: Pharmacology

B: Urology

C: Parasitology

D: Dematology

Q NO 607. “Kitab-ul-Hind was written by

A:  Al-Farabil

B:  Al-Razi

C:  Al-Beruni

D:  Ibn-i-Sina

Q NO 608: Which Urdu poet was given ‘Lenin Award’ by the ex-USSR Government?

A:  Munir Niazi

B:  Habib Jalib

C:  Faiz Ahmed Faz

D:  Ahmed Faraz

Q NO 609: Prague is the capital of:

A:  Romania

B:  Brazil

C:  Uganda

D:  Czech Republic

Q NO 610: Who is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan?

A:  Sartaj Aziz

B: Khawaja Asif

C:  Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

D:  Ishaq Dar

Q NO 611: The ‘Theory of Population was propounded

A:  John Calvin

B:  Dr. Henry Kissenger

C:  Thomas Robert

D:  Adam Smith

Q NO 612: Warren Hastings was the

A:  English King during 1st World War

B:  Second President of the USA

C:  Governor General of India

D:  Prime Minister of the USSR at the time of it’s break-up

Q NO 613: Guglielmo Marconi invented

A:  Television

B:  Camera

C:  Tape recorder

D:  Radio

Q NO 614: Second President of the U.S.A was:

A:  Thomas Jefferson

B:  John Adams

C:  James Madison

D:  James Monroe

Q NO 615: “Communist Manifesto” was written by

A:  Karl Marx

B:  Engels

C: Jointly by Marx and Engels

D:  None of these

Q NO 616: Albert Einstein is best known for his:

A:  Research on Universe

B:  Ideas about human development

C:  Theory of relativity

D:  Theory of evolution

Q NO 617: Aristotle was the teacher of:

A:  Alexander

B:  Plato

C:  Buddha

D:  Julius Caesar

Q NO 618: Printing Press was invented by:

A:  Alexander Graham Bell

B:  Johann Gutenberg

C:  Martin Luther

D:  James Watt

Q NO 619: 38 Parallel is a boundary line between:

A:  North Korea and South Korea

B: India and China

C:  China and Taiwan

D:  Germany and Poland

Q NO 620: Which of the following leader is a Nobel Peace Prize winner?

A:  Jawaharlal Nehru

B:  Barak Hussain Obama

C:  Tony Blair

D:  Richard Nixon

Q NO 621: In which city was the 1st Islamic Conference held?

A:  Mecca

B:  Rabat

C: Damascus

D:  Cairo

Q NO 622: Who was the 1st Woman Ruler of India?

A:  Indra Gandhi

B:  Chand Bibi

C: Nur Jahan

D:  Razia Sultana

Q NO 623: What comes to mind with the name of Neil Armstrong?

A:  Water

B:  America

C: Moon

D: 19th Century

Q NO 624: “History of the Saracens” was written by:

A:  Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

B:  Shibli Naumani

C: Abu-al-Kalam Azad

D:  Syed Ameer Ali

Q NO 625. Which country out of the following is not located in Asia?

A:  Thailand

B:  Indonesia

C:  Myanmar

D:  Libya

Q NO 626: 10-Downing Street is the official residence of

A:  Pope

B:  Secretary General of UNO

C:  Prime Minister of UK

D:  President of France

Q NO 627: The Roman Numeral “XX” means:

A:  200

B:  2.000

C: 20,000

D:  20

Q NO 628: “Bona fide” means:

A:  Acting in good faith

B:  Acting in bad faith

C: Acting with intention

D:  None of these

Q NO 629: Which of the following has been written by Sigmund Freud?

A:  The Interpretation of Dreams

B: Autumn of Fury

C:  Blood of Revolution

D:  Faces in the Mirror

Q NO 630: Adam Smith was

A:  The Prime Minister of France during 1st World War

B:  An Economist

C:  A Scientist

D:  A Geologist

Q NO 631: Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan when 1st Martial Law of 1958 was declared?

A:  Muhammad All Bogra

B: Feroz Khan Noon

C:  Ch. Muhammad Ali

D:  Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi

Q NO 632: The Constitutional Reforms introduced in British India in the year 1909 are generally referred to as:

A:  Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms

B:  Morley-Minto Reforms

C:  The Communal Award

D:  The Colonial Reforms

Q NO 633: “Indus-Basin Water Treaty was signed in: A:  1958 C:  1966 D:  1949 34. In 1954, Pakistan joined:

A:  1958

B:  1960

C: 1966

D:  1949

Q NO 634: In 1954, Pakistan joined:

A:  Fatima Jinnah

B:  Nusrat Bhutto

C:  Lata Mangeshkar

D:  Benazir Bhutto

Q NO 635: “Daughter of the East was written by:

A:  Fatima Jinnah

B:  Nusrat Bhutto

C:  Lata Mangeshkar

D:  Benazir Bhutto

Q NO 636: The 1st Chief Minister of Punjab was:

A:  Mian Mumtaz Daultana

B:  Feroz Khan Noon

C: Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot

D:  Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani

Q NO 637: “India Wins Freedom” was written by

A:  Sir Agha Khan

B:  Abu-al-Kalam Azad

C:  Muhammad Al Jauhar

D:  Ch. Rahmat Ali

Q NO 638: Mr. Jinnah presented his 14-points in March 1929 in Muslim League’s Session held at:

A:  Lahore

B:  Lucknow

C: Delhi

D:  Calcutta

Q NO 639: Who was the only Vice-President in the history of Pakistan:

A:  Ghulam Muhammad

B:  Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din

C: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

D: Nur-ul-Amin

Q NO 640: The newspaper called “Zamindar” was edited

A:  Mautarta Muhammad All Jauhar

B:  Maulana Zafar Al Khan

C:  Maulana Shibli Naumanl

D:  Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali

Q NO 641: Who was the Foreign Minister in the interim Goverment of British India formed before the partition?

A: Jawahar Lal Nehru

B:  Raj Gopal Acharia

C: Liaqat Ali Khan

D:  Jugandar Nath Mundal

Q NO 642: “Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case” was unearthed

A:  1951

B:  1955

C: 1958

D 1949

Q NO 643: Who was appointed Prime Minister after the  imposition of Martial Law in 1958?

A:  Malik Feroz Khan Noon

B:  Ayub Khan

C:  Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi

D:  Gen. Azam Khan

Q NO 644. A famous book titled “Witness to Surrender was written by:

A:  Lt. Gen. AA K. Niazi

B:  Zulfiqar All Bhutto

C:  Brig Siddla Salik

D:  Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman

Q NO 645: The members of RCD were:

A:  Pakistan, India and Iran

B:  China, Pakistan and India

C:  Pakistan, Iran and Turkey

D:  Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan

Q NO 646: Who has been nominated as Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team for World Cup 2015?

A:  Shahid Afridi

B:  Umar Gul

C:  Misbah-ul-Haq

D: Muhammad Hafiz

Q NO 647. In which mountain range is Siachin Glacier located?

A:  Himalaya

B:  korakarum

C: Hindu

D: Sulaiman

Q NO 648: Pakistan’s present population approximately stands at:

A:  116 million

B:  156 million

C:  169 million

D:  186 million

Q NO 649: At the time of Independence in 1947, which was the biggest city of Pakistan?

A:  Dacca

B:  Karachi

C:  Lahore

D:  Rawalpindi

Q NO 650: In Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy 2014 Pakistan secured:

A:  1st Position

B:  2nd Position

C:  3rd Position

D:  None of these

Q NO 651: According to the Islamic Principle of inheritance a male’s share in deceased father’s property viz-a-vtz female is:

A:  Three times

B:  Two times

C:  Samne

D:  None of them

Q NO 652: Who was the 1st Ummayad Caliph?

A:  Marwan bin Hakam

B:  Hazrat Amir Muawiya

C: Yazid bin Muhlib

D:  Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair

Q NO 653. “Usher” means:

A:  One tenth

B:  One fifth

C: One third

D:  None of these

Q NO 654: The highest number of “Ahadith were narrated by:

A:  Hazrat Zaid-bin-Harris

B:  Hazrat Bilal Habshi

C:  Hazrat Ayesha Siddiga

D: Hazrat Abu Huraira

Q NO 655: The 1st Muslim conquest in India took place

A:  712 AD

B:  997 AD

C: 1210 AD

D 1526 AD

Q NO 656: How many years did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) spend in Medina?

A:  35

B:  13

C:  10

D:  21

Q NO 657: ‘INFAQ’ is:

A:  Fighting with enemies of Islam

B:  Travelling from Meoca

C:  Delivering a speech against infidals

D:  Spending wealth for the cause of Allah

Q NO 658: “Jamila-al-Azhar” is located in:

A:  Cairo

B:  Damascus

C: Ankara

D:  Jeddah

Q NO 659: Which “Surah’ was the first to be revealed upon Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUHI?

A:  Surah Al-Ikhlas’

B:  Surah Al-Naas

C:  Surah Al-Nisa’

D:  Surah Al-Alaq

Q NO 660: Who translated the Holy Quran to Persian for the 1st time?

A:  Syed Ahmed Shaheed

B: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

C:  Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

D:  Shah Wali Ullah Khan

Q NO 661: Exports in Chemicals and sugar have a phenomenal rise this year.

A:  Projected

B:  Registered

C:  Proclaimed

D:  Declared

Q NO 662: I am to my friend for a large sum.

A:  Attributed

B:  Charged

C: Loaned

D:  Indebted

Q NO 663: To have one’s hands full is to be completely or have a difficult task :

A:  Employed

B:  Accommodated

C: Interlocked

D:  Occupied

Q NO 664: A plan which fails to achieve Its purpose is

A:  Abortion

B:  Perfidious

C:  Abortive

D:  imperfect

Q NO 665. “Malady means:

A:  Distinct

B:  Decease

C:  Disease

D:  Divine

Q NO 666: “Alma Mater is:

A:  An Instrument to gauge rainfall

B: A famous tower in Paris

C: The place where someone was educated

D:  Investigation centre of Scotland Yard

Q NO 667. As ‘Fresh’ as:

A:  Air

B:  Flower

C:  Water

D:  None of them

Q NO 668: The antonym of clear is

A:  Significant

B:  Unmistaken

C:  Explicit

D:  Murkey

Q NO 669: A specialist who measures your eyesight is

A:  Optician

B:  Ophthalmologist

C:  Optometrist

D:  None of these

Q NO 670: To make a clean breast of something is to

A: Confide

B:  Collect

C:  Confess

D Recollect

Q NO 671: What percentage is equivalent to 5?

A:  525%

B:  425%

C: 625%

D: None of these

Q NO 672: 20% of 30% of 20% of Rs: 850 is.

A:  Ra: 0.50

B:  Ra 10.20

C: Rs: 10.50

D:  None of these

Q NO 673: The average of three numbers is 20. If two numbers are 16 and 22 the third is:

A:  22

B:  20

C: 19 

D:  18

Q NO 674: If 4x +13 = 7 – 2X, what is the value of X?

A: 19

B: -3


D: 1

Q NO 675: Which of the following ratlos is the largest?

A: 7:15

B: 15:23

C: 17:25

D: 21:29

Q NO 676: 0.7683 +0.369 +0.05 + 0.8 =?

A: 0.8065

B: 1.9873

C: 0.8110

D: None of these

Q NO 677: A boy saves Rs: 4.56 the first month, Rs: 3.82 second month and Rs: 506 the third month How much did he save altogether?

A: Rs. 12

B: Rs. 12.50

C: Rs. 13

D: Rs. 13.44

Q NO 678: 10×2507

A: 46.05

B: 43.75

C: 50.25

D: 50.00

Q NO 679. 5005 – 5000 / 10.00

A: 0.5

B: 50

C: 5000

D: 4505

Q NO 680: How many numbers up to 200 are divisible by 2 and 3 both?

A: 35

B: 33

C: 29

D: 27

Q NO 681: Article 11 of the Pakistan’s Constitution prohibits all forms of:

A: Slavery

B: Forced Labour

C: Child Labour

D: All of them

Q NO 682: Under the Constitution, Labour is a

A: Federal subject

B: Provincial subject

C: Concurrent subiect

D: None of these

Q NO 683: The Total Labour Force of Pakistan is:

A: 37.1 million

B: 15.9 million

C: 29.3 million

D: 57.2 million

Q 7O 684: Under the Factories Act, 1934 no worker can be required to work in any establishment in excess of:

A: 9 hours a day

B: 6 hours a day

C: 10 hours a day

D: 7 hours a day

Q NO 685: Which Article of the Constitution provides the freedom of association and the right to form unions?

A: 17

B: 05

C: 91

D: 73

Q NO 686: The Industrial Relations Ordinance, 2002 emphasis participation of workers in management of an establishment through

A: Workers Council

B: Management Committee

C: Joint Management Board

D: All of them

Q NO 687. In a province, a Worker’s Trade Union is registered with the

A: Registrar Trade Unions

B: National industrial Relations Commission

C: Workers Welfare Board

D: Commissioner Social Security

Q NO 688: A Collection Bargaining Agent (CBA) is a:

A: A registered trade union elected by secret ballot

B: A pressure group formed by workers to get their pays enhanced.

C: An NGO striving for workers welfare

D: None of these

Q NO 689: If a strike or lock-out is commenced without giving notice of conciliation to the other party of the dispute: it will be considered:

A: Immoral

B: Legal

C: Unethical

D: Illegal

QNO 690: Pakistan’s Constitution provides that children and women are not employed in vocations unsuited to their age or sex

A: Correct

B: Incorrect

C: Partially correct

D: None of these

 سوال691:    “ماہ تمامکس کا کلیات ہے ؟

  احمد فراز:A

احمد ندیم قاسمی پی:B

پروین شاکر:C

ادا جعفری:D

 سوال692:           “دارالمصنفیناعظم گڑھ کے بانی کون تھے ؟

علامہ شبلی نعمانی :A

 الطاف حسین حالی :B

سرسید احمد خان :C

      محمد حسین آزاد 😀

۔ سوال693:     اردو زبان کے پہلے باضابطہ افسانہ نگار کون تھے ؟

کرشن چندر :A

راجندر سنگھ بیدی :B

  منشی پریم چند :C

   غلام عباس 😀

 سوال694:      علامہ اقبال کی پہلی نظم کا کیا نام تھا ؟

ہمالہ :A

ساقی نامہ  :B

شکوہ  :C

جواب شکوہ  😀

 سوال695:   “متمولکا مطلب ہے ۔

دولت مند:A

مشہور :B

شکی مزاج:C

عزت دار:D

سوال696 :     “اردو کس زبان کا لفظ ہے ؟





۔ سوال697:     درج ذیل تصانیف میں سے کون سی قرۃالعین حیدر کی تحریر کردہ ہے ؟

اداس نسلیں:A

آگ کا دریا:B

خدا کی بستی:C

راجا گدھ:D

سوال698:     “ایران میں اجنبیکس شاعر کا مجموعہ کلام ہے ؟

کیفی اعظمی:A

ن۔ م۔ راشد:B

اختر شیرانی:C

مصطفی زیدی:D

۔ سوال 699:    “کاغذ کی ناؤ سدا نہیں بہتیاس ضرب المثل سے کیا مراد ہے ؟

دھوکہ ہر وقت نہیں چلتا:A

جھوٹ ہمیشہ نہیں چلتا:B

کچے گھڑے پار نہیں لے جاتے:C

کمزور لوگ زیادہ اچھے دوست نہیں ہوتے:D

۔ سوال700:      اردو نثر میں سب سے قدیم صنف کون سی ہے ؟



کیہ مکرنی:C