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PPSC Labour Officer Past Papers

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Q NO 901: Fill in the blank with suitable word: Don’t change ______ in midstream.

A:  Players

B:  Members

C:  Horses

D:  Trophies

Q NO 902: Which instrument is used to measure height of aircraft above ground?

A:  Altimeter

B:  Hydrometer

C:  Tachometer

D:  Altitude Meter

Q NO 903: “We the people of the United Nations, this line is written in the preamble of

A:  Charter of the WHO

B:  Charter of the United Nation

C:  Charter of the World Bank

D:  Charter of the UNICEF

Q NO 904: Which country and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP signed an agreement to help strengthen Pakistan’s electoral process?

A:  Japan

B:  China

C:  America

D:  U.K

Q NO 905: The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of X article. If the profit is 25% then the value of X is:

A:  15

B:  16

C:  18

D:  25

Q NO 906: Durand Line a single page agreement was signed in:

A:  1890

B:  1891

C: 1892

D: 1893

Q NO 907: Rafael Nadal is a famous player of which sport?

A:  Table Tennis

B:  Lawn Tennis

C:  Football

D: Rugby

Q NO 908: Quit India Movement was launched by Gandhi

A:  1919

B:  1928

C:  1940

D:  1942

Q NO 909: First Mysore War was fought between

A:  The English and Tipu Sultan

B:  The English and Haider Ali

C: The Portuguese and the Mughals

D:  The Mughals and the Suri’s

Q NO 910: Jamiah-Al-Azhar is a University is located in:

A:  Jeddah

B:  Riyadh

C:  Damascus

C: Cairo

Q NO 911: Who among the following designed the National Flag of Pakistan?

A:  Altaf Hussain

B:  Ahmad Chagla

C: Ameer Kudwai

D:  None of these

Q NO 912: “INTERPOL” Headquarter is in

A:  Germany

B:  France

C:  Canada

C: Austria

Q NO 913: Dead plants on the surface of water and oxygen depletion of the water body is called:

A: Deoxygenation

B:  De-Nitrogenization

C: Eutrophication

D:  None of these

Q NO 914: Loss of memory as a result of damage of the brain is called:

A:  Dementia

B:  Amnesia

C: Paralysis

D: None of these

Q NO 915: What is the duration of the National Anthem of Pakistan?

A: 55 secs

B: 80 secs

C: 90 secs

D: None of these

Q NO 916: Which is the world’s largest landlocked country?

A: Tajikistan

B: Kyrgyzstan

C: Kazakhstan

D: None of these

Q NO 917: The term PVC stands for:

A: Poly Vinyl Chlorine

B: Poly Vinyl Chloride

C: Pepto Vinyl Chlorine

D: Pepto Vinyl Chloroform

Q NO 918: Choose the Voice People speak English all over the world,

A:  English is spoken by the people all over the world

B:  English has been spoken by the people all over the world

C:  English is spoken all over the world by the people

D:  None of these

Q NO 919: “Amicus Curae means:

A: Assistant of Court

B:  Friend of Defendant

C: A Friend of Court

D:  Defender of Accused

Q NO 920: Which of the following is not included in MS Office Package?

A:  MS Excel

B:  MS Access

C: MS Outlook

D: MS Photo Editor

Q NO 921: “JARGON” means:

A:  Rudimentary

B:  Extraneous

C:  Terminology

D: Gibberish

Q NO 922: Synonym of ACRIMONY:

A:  Pleasantness

B:  Bitterness

C: Conductivity

D:  Harmoniously

Q NO 923: When did Bangladesh release Prisoners of 1971 war?

A:  1972

B:  1973

C:  1974

D:  1975

Q NO 924: Fill in the blank: There is no reason get up so early in the morning.

A:  When

B:  Why

C:  Whom

D:  Do why

Q NO 925: Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last King of the fallen Mughal Empire, was sent to

A:  Chittagong

B:  Junagarh

C:  Rangoon

C: Bengal

Q NO 926: “INTER ALIA” means:

A:  In addition to

B:  Between the lines

C: Among other things

C: Apart from someone

Q NO 927: Which among the following vitamins helps in blood clotting?

A:  Vitamin A

B:  Vitamin K

C:  Vitamin C

C: Vitamin D

Q NO 928:  Fill in the bank with suitable words: people have knowledge of physics

A:  Very few, some

C: A few, some

C:  Few Little

D:  A few, very little

Q NO 929: Eugenics is the science of improving species by breeding out disease and disabilities:

A:  Animals

B:  Humans

C:  Plants

D:  Sea

Q NO 930: Which blood group among the following is a universal donor?

A: AB +ve

B: O-ve

C: O +ve

D: B +ve

Q NO 931: What is an average age of Horse?

A:  20-25 years

B:  25-30 years

C: 30-35 years

D:  35-40 years

Q NO 932: Which shortcut key is used to update selected fields?

A: F4

C: F9

C: F6

D: F10

Q NO 933: Which of the following is the world’s largest inland water body?

A:  Aral Sea

B:  Caspian Sea

C:  Black Sea

D:  Sea of Azov

Q NO 934: A person who is liable to pay Zakat is known

A:  Sahib-e-Taufeeq

B:  Sahib-e-Hisaab

C: Sahib Zakat

D: Sahib-e-Nisaab

Q NO 935: How many members were there in Simon Commission?

A:  6 members

B:  7 members

C: 8 members

D: 9 members

Q NO 936: How many times the word “Qul” has been repeated in the Holy Quran?

A:  200 times

B:  Under 100 times

C: More than 200

D:  400 times

Q NO 937: Zakat was completely enforced in

A: 2 AH

B: 4 AH

C: 8 AH

D: 9 AH

Q NO 938: “To smell a Rat’ means:

A:  To smell something bad

B:  To detect something wrong

C:  Line thickness

D: None of the above

Q NO 939: Who initiated the Silk Letter Movement (Reshmi Rumaal Tehreek)?

A:  Mehmood-ul-Hassan

B:  Fakhar-u-Din Nizami

C:  Maulana Zafar Ali khan

D:  Shabeer Ahmad Usmani

Q NO 940: Which was the first country to recognize Pakistan as an independent state?

A:  Iran

B:  Turkey

C:  Afghanistan

D:  Saudi Arabia

Q NO 941: Thickness of a line is changed in:

A:  Shape Style

B:  Line Thickness

C: Thickness Styles

C: Shape Line Thickness

Q NO 942: A is the mother of B and C, D is the husband of C. What is the relation of A to D?

A:  Sister

B:  Aunt

C:  Mother

D: Mother-in-law

Q NO 943: Which dam in Pakistan has the largest storage capacity?

A: Mangla

B: Gomal Zam

C: Tarbela

D: Simli Dam

Q NO 944: Dokhlam Standoff was between which of the two countries?

A:  India and Bangladesh

B:  China and Bhutan

C:  India and Nepal

D:  Bhutan and Nepal

Q NO 945: ICs (Integrated Circuits) were used in

A:  Third Generation

B:  Fourth Generation

C:  Second Generation

C: None of these

Q NO 946: If A is to the south of B and C is to the east of B. In which direction is A with respect to C?

A:  North-East

B:  North-West

C: South-West

D:  South-East

Q NO 947: Head Sulemanki is on which of ire following rivers?

A:  River Ravi

B:  River Jhelum

C:  River Sutlej

D:  River Chenab

 Q NO 948: Sakhalin Island dispute involves which of the two countries?

A:  Russia & Japan

B:  Japan & North Korea

C:  Russia & China

C: China & Vietnam

Q NO 949: Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel share common border with:

A:  Black Sea

C: Sea of Azov

C:  Mediterranean Sea

D:  Arabian Sea

Q NO 950: What was the reason of Hazrat Usman (R.A: death?

A: Rebels

B: Kufaar

C: Romans

D: Khawarij

Q NO 951: 0.05 is equal to which of the following fractions?

A: 1/10

B: 1/15

C: 1/18 

D: 1/20

Q NO 952: A fruit seller had some mangoes. He sells 30 % mangoes and still has 280 mangoes. Find the number of mangoes he had

A:  400 mangoes

B:  588 mangoes

C:  600 mangoes

D:  388 mangoes

Q NO 953: What is the name of Capital of Panama?

A:  Caracas City

B:  Panama City

C:  Honolulu City

D:  Quito City

Q NO 954: “Montreal” is a famous city of:

A:  Australia

B:  Canada

C:  France

D:  Mexico

Q NO 955: Angkor Wat is a temple complex in:

A:  Vietnam

B:  Laos

C:  Cambodia

D:  Thailand

Q NO 956: G-7 is called group of countries having advanced economics. It includes which of the following country?

A: China

B: India

C: Turkey

D: Italy

Q NO 957: Which program is used to convert high level programming to low level machine code?

A:  Assembler

B:  Distributer

C:  Compiler

D:  Tabulator

Q NO 958: Pakistan won the ICC T-20 World Cup in 2009. Who was the Captain?

A:  Shoaib Malik

B:  Younas Khan

C:  Misbah-ul-Haq

D:  None of these

Q NO 959: Who among the following was the first Asian to translate the Holy Quran into English?

A:  Abdul Maid

B:  Abdullah Yousaf Ali

C:  Mirza Abu Fazal

D:  None of these

Q NO 960: is a high-speed point-to-point channel for attaching a graphics card to a computer’s motherboard, primarily to assist in the acceleration of 3D computer graphics

A:  Graphic Card

B:  Accelerator Card

C:  AGP (Accelerator Graphics Port)

D:  NVIDIA Graphic Resolution Port

Q NO 961: Who was the first woman in space?

A:  Valentina Tereshkova

B:  Jerrie Cobb

C:  Cady Coleman

D:  Peggy Whitson

Q NO 962: How many times did Pakistan win Hockey World Cup?

A:  2 Times

B:  4 Times

C:  3 Times

C: 5 Times

Q NO 963: Who was the first captain of Pakistan Women’s ODI and Test Matches?

A:  Bismah Maroof

B:  Shaiza Khan

C:  Sana Mir

D:  None of these

Q NO 964: MTCR stands for:

A:  Missile Technology Control Regime

B:  Missile Triple Category Rationalization

C:  Multiple Technology Control Regime

D:  Missile Technology Control Regulation

Q NO 965: Choose the incorrect spelling:

A:  Hallucinations

B:  Reverberations

C:  Transpyre

D:  Rejuvenation

Q NO 966: A mummy was discovered near Iranian capital was of:

A:  Raza Shah Pehlvi

B:  Ahmad Shah Qajar

C:  Muzaffar-ud-Din

D:  None of these

Q NO 967: Iran Nuclear Deal is also known as:



C:  P5+1

D:  none of these

Q NO 968: The purpose of is to act as holding – area, enabling the CPU to manipulate data before transferring to a device


B:  Compiler

C:  Buffer

D:  Tabulator

Q NO 969: Uroos-ul-Quran is another name of

A:  Surah Yaseen

B:  Surah Rehman

C:  Surah kausar

D:  None of these

Q NO 970: Which city has the largest Hockey stadium in Pakistan?

A:  Karachi

B:  Peshawar

C:  Lahore

D:  None of these

Q NO 971: “A Brief History of the Time” is written by

A:  Stephen King

B:  Stephen Hawking

C:  Yuval Harari

D:  None of these

Q NO 972: How many Olympic records does Usian Bolt have?

A:  3 titles

B:  4 titles

C:  5 titles

C: 6 titles

Q NO 973: Who is called Umar-e-Sani?

A:  Hazrat Umar bin Abdullah

B:  Hazrat Umar bin Khataab

C:  Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar

D:  Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Azeez

Q NO 974: The smallest planet in our solar system is:

A:  Mercury

B:  Mars

C:  Venus

C: Earth

Q NO 975: Which of the following is a political dispute between India and Pakistan?

A:  Actual Control

B:  Sir Creek

C:  MacMohan Line

D:  None of these

Q NO 976: How many times do hands of a clock coincide in a day?

A:  11

B:  22

C:  32

D:  42

Q NO 977: Muhammad bin Qasim conquered Sindh during the reigned of dynasty?

A:  Ummayyad

B:  Abbassid

C:  Ottaman

D:  Hinduand

Q NO 978: Meister Eckhart was

A:  An Italian Preacher

B:  A German Theologian

C:  A Greek Philosopher

C: A Chinese Freedom Fighter

Q NO 979: The most efficient engine is:

A:  Petrol

B:  Electric

C:  Diesel

D:  Stream

Q NO 980: Which Prophet’s Nation committed embezzlement in trusts?

A:  Haroon (A.S)

B:  Musa (A.S)

C:  Shoaib (A.S)

D:  Loot (A.S)

Q NO 981: Brahma Samaj was founded in

A:  1820

B:  1628

C:  1832

D:  none of these

Q NO 982: 1 nibble contains

A:  4 bits

B:  6 bits

C:  8 bits

D:  16 bits

Q NO 983: What will happen if ozone layer disappears?

A:  UV Rays do not reach earth

B:  UV Rays reach earth

C:  X Rays breach the earth’s surface

D:  Alpha Rays damage the Troposphere

Q NO 984: Heart attack is caused due to

A:  Blood Sugar

B:  Cholesterol

C:  Blood Protein

D:  Vibro Comma

Q NO 985: Which Prophet is known as “Shaikh-al Anbiya?

A:  Hazrat Adam

B:  Hazrat Abrahim

C:  Hazrat Noah

D:  Hazrat Dawood

Q NO 986: When did Gandhi renounce his membership of Congress?

A:  1934

C:  1933

D:  1932

Q NO 987: Summer Olympics 2020 is going to be held in:

A:  Phnom Penh

B:  Pyongyang

C:  Tokyo

D:  Yüncheng

Q NO 988: When a person killed by his brother is called:

A:  Homicide

B:  Matricide

C:  Patricide

D:  Fratricide

Q NO 989: X and Y can do a piece of work in 20 days and 12 days respectively. X started the work alone and then after 4 days Y joined him till the completion of the work. How long did the work last?

A:  6 days

B:  10 days

C:  15 days

D:  20 days

Q NO 990: Which state of India was struck by lightning more than 38,000 times in 13 hours?

A:  Uttar Pardesh

B:  Central Pardesh

C:  Maharashtra

D:  Andhra Pardesh

سوال991:    ان میں سے ضرب المثل کونسی ہے ؟

بوڑھی گھوڑی لال لگام:A

اندھے کو کیا چاہیے دو آنکھیں:B

رام رام جپنا پرایا مال اپنا:C

تمام ضرب المثل ہیں😀

سوال992:    “رسالہ اسباب بغاوت ہندکس کی تحریر ہے ؟

سید امیر علی:A

سر سید احمد:B

علامہ اقبال:C

ظفر علی خان:D

 سوال993:     ابن انشاء کا اصل نام کیا تھا ؟

شیر علی خان:A

شیر محمد خان:B

محمد شیر علی:C

شیر عنایت علی:D

سوال 994 :   “سر قلم کرناکا کیا مطلب ہے ؟

سر کاٹ دینا:A

قلم تراشنا:B

پودا کاشت کرنا:C

ان میں سے کوئی نہیں:D

سوال995    :۔سر سید احمد خان کی ابتدائی کتاب کا نام بتائیں ؟

جام جم:A

خطبات احمدیہ :B

آئین اکبری:C

ان میں سے کوئی نہیں:D

سوال996:     ۔ یہ خوبصورت گلاب کا پھول ہے ۔اس جملے میں یہ کیا ہے ۔

اسم موصول:A

اسم اشارہ:B

اسم ضمیر:C

اسم مصفر:D

سوال997:     “کلیم اللہ اور ذبیح اللہگرامر میں کیا کہلائیں گے ؟




تمام درستی ہیں 😀

سوال998:      لوح ایامکس کی تخلیق ہے؟

وحیدہ نسیم :A

مختار مسعود :B

سمیع اللہ :C

شوکت صدیقی 😀

سوال999:    ۔ اقبال کا مضمون کونسا ہے ؟

قومیت :A

مغربی مادہ پرستی :B

معاشی استحکام :C

قومی زندگی 😀

 سوال1000:    “آنکھیں چیر کر نمک بھرنااس محاورے سے کیا مراد ہے ؟

غصہ دلانا :A

نیند مٹانے کی کوشش کرنا :B

جبر کرنا :C

شدید تکلیف دینا 😀