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Q NO 401. The Khilafat Movement ended in:

A:  1924

B: 1925

C: 1926

D:  1927

Q NO 402: Name the tree whose wood is used for making cricket bats:

A:  Willow

B:  Yellow

C: Teak

D:  Sandal

Q NO 403: Brojan Das was the first Asian to:

A:  Climb Mount Everest

B: Swim across the British Channel

C:  Win an Olympic Gold Medal

D:  Sail to the South Pole

Q NO 404: The Cave Squeaker, an endangered species of frog, found in which country?

A:  Argentina

B:  Egypt

C: Iceland

D:  Zimbabwe

Q NO 405. In eye donation, which part of the eye is used?

A:  Cornea

B:  Retina

C:  Optic nerve

D:  Iris

Q No 406. The antonym of “Robust” is:

A:  Vigorous

B:  Rugged

C:  Tough

D:  Frail

Q NO 407. Complete the Proverb: “A friend in need is a friend

A:  Not enemy

B: Of others

C:  Indeed

D:  Of course

Q NO 408: Which is the seventh month of Islamic year?

A:  Muharram

B:  Shawal

C:  Rajab

D:  Shabaan

Q NO 409. What was the old name of Sukkur Barrage?

A:  James Barrage

B:  Lloyd Barrage

C:  Thomas Barrage

D:  Napier Barrage

Q No 410. In which city is the headquarters of “Interpol located?

A:  Vienna

B:  New York

C:  Lyon

D:  Paris

Q NO 411: Which device among the following is used to send digital data over a phone line?


B:  Scanner

C:  Printer

D:  Modem

Q NO 412: What type of a device is a computer mouse?

A:  Output

B:  Input

C: Data

D:  Storage

Q No 413: ‘Etymology is a science of

A:  Origin and history of words

B:  Insects

C:  Teaching

D:  Secret writing

Q NO 414. Which of the following candidates got maximum popular votes in the US Presidential Election 2016?

A:  Barack Obama

B:  John Wolfe. Jr

C:  Hillary Clinton

D:  Randall Terry

Q NO 415. In April 2017. Nobel Laureate Pakistani Malala Yousaf Zal was designated as

A:  UN Ambassador of Peace

B:  UN Messenger of Peace

C:  UN Representative of Peace

D:  UN Envoy of Peace

Q NO 416: If 2a – 2 = 20, then what is the value of a?

A:  11

B:  12

C:  13

D:  14

Q NO 417. Which of the following Surah in the Holy Quran named after insects?

A:  Surah Al-Naml

B:  Surah Al-Qadar

C:  Surah Al-Falaq

D:  Surah Al-Nas

Q NO 418. Satpara Lake is located near:

A:  Skardu

B:  Hunza

C: Gilgit

D:  Swat

Q NO 419. The last king of Afghanistan was:

A:  Habib Ullah Khan

B:  Muhammad Zahir Shah

C:  Sardar Daud Khan

D:  Amanullah Khan

Q NO 420: River NILE flows through which of the following cities?

A:  Tripoli

B:  Damascus

C:  Cairo

D: Aden

Q NO 421. “Watergate Scandal” led to the downfall of which President of the United States?

A:  Jimmy Carter

B:  Theodore Roosevelt

C:  Richard Nixon

D:  Lyndon Johnson

Q NO 422:  The treaty of Versailles ended the?

A:  World War I

B:  World War II

C:  French Revolution

D:  None of these

Q NO 423: Who built the Badshahi Mosque in 16737?

A:  Humayun

B:  Jehangir

C:  Akbar

D:  Aurangzeb

Q NO  424:  The Indus Waters Treaty between India and Pakistan was brokered by?


B:  United Nations


D:  World Bank

Q NO 425:  Which material is used in making of Computer Chips?

A:  Copper

B:  Steel

C:  Fiber Glass

D:  Silicon

Q NO 426:  Whom did Lord Mountbatten replace in 1947 as Viceroy of India?

A:  Lord Irwin

B:  Lord Curzon

C:  Sir Stafford Cripps

D:  Lord Wavel

Q NO 427:  A shop keeper buys a watch for Rs. 350/- and sells it for Rs. 392/-. Find his percentage of profit?

A:  9%

B:  10%

C:  11%

D:  12%

Q NO 428: Which Act with some amendments, was adopted as the Interim working Constitution of Pakistan?

A:  Govt. of India Act 1909

B:  Govt. of India Act 1935

C:  Govt. of India Act 1946

D:  None of these

Q NO 429. S.H.O stands for?

A:  Station Head Officer

B:  Station House Officer

C:  Station High Officer

D:  None of these

Q NO 430:  Hajjatul Wida was done by Holy Prophet (PBUH) In?

A:  623 AD

B:  632 AD

C:  640 AD

D: 610 AD

Q NO 431:  PNG is an extension of
A:  Audio

B:  Image

C:  Video

D:  Flash

Q NO 432:  Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A:  AR. Cornelius

B:  MR Kiyani

C:  Abdul Rashid

D:  Maulana Tamiz-ud-Din Khan

Q NO 433: Complete the number series: 14, 28, 20, 40, 32.64

A:  56

B:  4

C: 58

D:  48

Q NO 434: Pakistan-Afghanistan border “Durand Line was drawn in:

A:  1892

B:  1890

C:  1993

D:  1897

Q NO 435: Fill in the blank: “He is suffering__________ cancer.”

A: About

B:  By

C:  of

D:  From

Q NO 436: Antonym of Validate is:

A:  Disprove

B:  Legalize

C:  Authenticate

D:  Confirm

Q NO 437: A new religion Din-i-llahi was introduced to reconcile Hindus & Muslims by which Mughal Emperor?

A:  Babur

B:  Akbar

C:  Shahjahan

D:  Jehangir

Q NO 438: Which of the following is responsible for the largest amount of oxygen of Earth?

A:  Algae

B:  Trees

C:  Peat bogs

D:  None of these

Q NO 439: The output quality of a printer is measured by:

A:  Dot per sq. inch

B:  Dot per inch

C:  Dots printed per unite time

D:  All of these

Q NO 440: Find the average of 5/6, 4/3, 3/4?

A:  35/36

B:  38/36

C:  1

D:  6/5

Q NO 441: If sum of two numbers is 30 and their difference is 8, what is their product?

A:  200

B: 201

C:  209

D:  None of these

Q NO 442: The Edhi foundation has the worlds largest

A:  Volunt eers Community

B:  Medical Facility

C:  Food Kitchens

D:  Ambulance Service

Q NO 443: Fill in the blank: You can easily get money if you _______ your ornaments

A:  Gaze

B:  Gauge

C:  Gage

D:  All of these

Q NO 444: Chenab meets River Jhelum at:

A:  Kot Mithan

B:  Panjnad

C:  Qatalpur

D:  Trimmu

Q NO 445: In terms of area the biggest district of Punjab

A:  D.G. Khan

B:  Bahawalpur

C:  Rajanpur

D:  Lahore

Q NO 446: The playground for playing “Baseball” is called:

A:  Diamond

B:  Court

C:  Ring

D:  Rink

Q NO 447: Ornithology is the scientific study of:

A:  Animals

B: Reptiles

C:  Sea Plants

D:  Birds

Q NO 448: The World’s famous Madame Tussaud’s museum is located in:

A:  Edinburg

B:  London

C:  Rome

D:  Moscow

Q NO 449: Babri Mosque which was demolished by Hindu extremists is situated in the province state of

A:  Maharashtra

B:  Uttar Pradesh

C:  Madhya Pradesh

D:  Andra Pradesh

Q NO 450: The antonym of ‘Virtue” is:

A:  Variable

B:  Fraud

C:  Grace

D:  Vice

Q NO 451: Since they began how many Olympic Games have been held in Africa?

A:  1

B:  2

C:  4

D:  O

Q NO 452:  Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy won an Oscar Award for the second time for her documentary movie titled:

A:  Saving Face

B:  Road to Forgiveness

C:  In the Line of Duty

D:  A Girl in the River

Q NO 453:  Decibel is a unit used for:

A:  Speed of light

B:  Intensity of sound

C:  Intensity of heat

D:  None of these

Q NO 454: The Synonym of ‘Vibrant” is.

A:  Spirited

B:  Docile

C:  Patient

D:  Sarcastic

Q NO 455: Helsinki is the capital of

A:  Finland

B:  Estonia

C:  Iceland

D:  Denmark

Q NO 456:  Fill in the blank: How do you feel _________their coming?

A:  in

B:  or

C:  About

D:  On

Q NO 457:  The first Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan was established at

A:  Mianwali

B:  Islamabad

C:  Karachi

D:  Peshawar

Q NO 458: When the first General Elections under the 1973 constitution were held?

A:  1976

B:  1977

C: 1978

D:  1979

Q NO 459: The book “Jinnah of Pakistan” is written by:

A:  Sarojini Naidu

B:  Hector Bolitho

C:  Stanley Wolpert

D:  Jawaharlal Nehru

Q NO 460:  Battle of Badr was fought in month of

A:  Muharam

B:  Zil Haj

C:  Ramzan

D:  None of these

Q NO 461:  Which of the following Internet Search Engines was founded by Larry Page and Sergery Brin?

A:  Yahoo

B:  Bing

C:  Baidu

D:  Google

Q NO 462:  In the world of computer science what is LINUX?

A:  A malware

B:  An application Program

C:  A firmware

D:  An operating System

Q NO 463: _________ is the current year of Hijri

A:  1438

B: 1436

C:  1439

D:  1437

Q NO 464: A toy is sold for Rs. 220. What was the cost, if the rate of profit was 10% of the cost?

A:  Rs. 196

B:  Rs. 200

C:  Rs. 210

D:  Rs. 240

Q NO 465: How many times Pakistan won the “Blind Cricket World Cup”?

A:  2

B: 3

C:  4

D:  Never

Q NO 466: Alzheimer is:

A:  Bone Disease

B:  Ear Disease

C:  Skin Disease

D:  Neurological Disease.

Q NO 467: Name the Chief Selector of the Pakistan Cricket team:

A:  Mohsin Hasan Khan

B: Wagar Younas

C:  Moin Khan

D:  Inzamam-ul-Haq

Q NO 468:  What does Hajr-e-Aswad mean?

A:  Sacred stone

B:  Black stone

C:  Foundation stone

D:  Heavy stone

Q NO 469: The planet nearest to the sun is:

A:  Earth

B:  Mercury

C:  Mars

D:  Jupiter

Q NO 470:  Which chemical in tobacco causes a smoker to be addicted to smoking?

A:  Carbon monoxide

B:  Tar

C: Nicotine

D:  Ammonia

Q NO 471: Which country had the world’s first woman Prime Minister?

A:  New Zealand

B:  India

C:  Sri Lanka

D:  Pakistan

Q NO 472:  Gestapo was the Secret Police of:

A:  U.S.A

B:  Russia

C:  Germany

D:  Japan

Q NO 473:  How many times the mother of Hazrat Ismacel A:.S), ran from hill of Sata to Marwa in search of water?

A:  5

B:  6

C:  7

D:  8

Q NO 474: Which of the following Princely States was the first to formally accede to Pakistan?

A:  Khairpur

B:  Bahawalpur

C:  Chitral

D:  Swat

Q NO 475:  if (7a) (7b) = (7c) (7d). What is d in terms of a b and c?

A:  c/ab

B:  c-a-b

C:  a +b-C

D:  C-ab

Q NO 476:  “Hayat-e-Jawaid” written by Altaf Hussain Hall is on the life of

A:  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

B:  Ghalib

C:  Saadi Shirazi

D: None of these

Q NO 477:  Ms. Yasmin Lari, a recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz, is a famous name in the field of:

A:  Broadcast Journalism

B:  Television Drama

C:  Painting

D:  Architecture

Q NO 478:  First Census in Pakistan was held in:

A:  1948

B:  1947

C:  1950

D:  1951

Q NO 479:  Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is one of biggest projects for solar power generation Pakistan Where is it located?

A:  Multan

B: Sukkur

C:  Rahim Yar Khan

D:  Bahawalpur

Q NO 480: Bradlaugh Hall has been the venue of some the most important events in the history Pakistan and India In which city is it locate

A:  Delhi

B:  Dhaka

C:  Shimla

D:  Lahore

Q NO 481:  What is the synonym of Industries?

A:  Successful

B:  Hardworking

C:  Sensible

D: Labourer

Q NO 482: Among the following, which is the old English language newspaper of Pakistan?

A:  Dawn

B:  The News

C:  The Nation

D:  Daily Times

Q NO 483: According to the 1973 Constitution Pakistan, the Prime Minister is elected by the

A:  National Assembly

B:  National Assembly and the Senate

C:  National Assembly and the Provin Assemblies

D:  Senate

Q NO 484: Bangladesh separated from Pakistan December 1971. When did Pakistan exte recognition of Bangladesh?

A:  December 1973

B: January 1974

C:  February 1974

D:  March 1974

Q NO 485: In covering a distance of 30 km, Abdul take hours more than Basit. If Abdul doubles speed then he would take 1 hour less than Basit. What is the speed of Abdul?

A:  5 km/hr

B:  8 km/hr

C:  10 km/hr

D:  15 km.hr 82

Q NO 486. The first space shuttle launched by United States on April 12, 1981 was named:

A:  Discovery

B:  Endeavor

C:  Columbia

D:  Atlantis

Q NO487: Blood leaves the heart through arteries. The main artery leaving the left ventricle is called

A:  Aorta

B:  Pulmonary artery

C:  Carotid artery

D:  liac artery

Q NO 488: A Hyperlink is:

A:  A word phrase that, when clicked, displays another document

B:  A scripting language

C:  A World Wide Web gateway

D:  A system that employs multimedia resources

Q NO 489: Hazrat Amna (RA), mother of Holy Prophet is buried in

A:  Mecca

B:  Madina

C:  Abwa

D:  Yesrub

Q NO 490. In June 2014, King Juan Carlos I abdicated in favor of his son Felipe VI. To which country did King Juan Carlos belong?

A:  Spain

B:  Belgium

C: The Netherlands

D:  Monaco

 سوال491: طوطی ہند کس کا لقب ہے ؟

امیر خسرو:A

رفیع الدین سودا :B

غالب :C

دلی دکنی 😀

سوال492 : لفظحقکا متضاد کیا ہے ؟

سچ :A



سوال493: “اللے تللے کرناسے کیا مراد ہے ؟

جھگڑا کرنا  :A

غصہ کرنا  :B

عیش کرنا  :C

بہت زیادہ بولنا 😀

سوال494: اخبار کامریڈ کس نے جاری کیا ؟

مولانا ابوالکلام آزاد:A

مولانا محمد علی جوہر:B

مولانا الطاف حسین حالی :C

مولانا ظفر علی خان 😀 

 سوال495: اور بھی دکھ ہیں زمانے میں محبت کے سوا

راحتیں اور بھی ہیں وصل کی راحت کے سوا    

یہ شعر کس کا ہے ؟

ناصر کاظمی :A

فیض احمد فیض :B

پروین شاکر :C

امجد اسلام امجد 😀

 سوال496 علامہ اقبال کا پہلا اردو شعری مجموعہ کونسا ہے ؟

بانگ درا :A

بال جبریل :B

ارمغان حجاز:C

جاوید نامہ 😀

 سوال497: درج ذیل میں سے درست جملے کا انتخاب کیجیے ۔

*اگر میں کراچی گیا تو آپ کا سامان لیتا آؤں گا ۔ :A

*اگر تو میں کراچی گیا تو آپ کا سامان لےآؤں گا ۔ :B

*اگر میں تو کراچی میں یا تو آپ کا سامان لیتا آؤں گا ۔ :C

*اگر میں تو کراچی گیا آپ کا سامان لے آؤں گا۔ 😀

  سوال498: “تگنی کا ناچ نچاناسے کیا مراد ہے ؟

بہت پریشان کرنا :A

خوش کرنا :B

بے چین کرنا :C

حیران کرنا 😀

سوال499: “ہم صغیرکی ترکیب کا مفہوم کیا ہے ؟

ہم عمر :A

ہم سفر  :B

ہم جماعت :C

ہم آواز  😀

” Idiom In black and white  : سوال500

کے درست مطلب  انتخاب کیجیے

واضح طور پر:A

صاف تصویر:B

 تحریری طور پر :C

اچھا اور برا:D