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MS Office MCQs with Answers PDF | Free to Download For PPSC, FSPC, NTS Jobs Preparation Tests

Q1 : In Excel to copy cell contents using drag and drop, press the

(A) End key

(B) Shift key

(C) Esc key

(D) None of above

Q2 : In Excel if you press …….., the cell accepts your typing as its contents.

(A) Enter

(B) Ctrl + Enter


(D) Insert

Q3 : In Excel the auto fill feature

(A) Extends a sequential series of data

(B) Automatically adds a range of cell values

(C) Applies a boarder around selected cells

(D) None of above

Microsoft Office MCQ withQuiz Q4 : In Excel the keyboard shortcut (button or buttons to be presse(D) for creating a chart from the selected cells

(A) F3

(B) F5 (

C) F7

(D) F11

Q5 : In Excel you can use the formula palette to

(A) Format cells containing numbers

(B) Create and edit formulas containing functions

(C) Entered assumptions data

(D) Copy a range of cells

6. In Microsoft PowerPoint to add a header or footer to your handout, you can use

(A) The title master

(B) The slide master

(C) The handout master

(D) All of above

Microsoft Office MCQ with Quiz Q7 : . In Microsoft PowerPoint the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view

(A) Esc key

(B) The spacebar

(C) The Enter key

(D) The mouse button\

Q8 : In Microsoft PowerPoint to select all of the boxes of an organization chart

(A) Clicking and edit and select all

(B) Right click the chart background and then click select all

(C) Press and hold the SHIFT key and click each box

(D) All of above

Q9 : In Microsoft PowerPoint what are lines, curve, freeform, and scribble

(A) Emphasis effects that can be applied to animations

(B) Types of custom motion paths

(C) Predefined entrance and exit effects

(D) All of the above

Q10 : When using PowerPoint, to play a PowerPoint show for previewing the show, select

(A) View, slide sorter

(B) View, slide

(C) View, slide show

(D) View outline